How To Live In Brighton On A Budget


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Hi everyone!

Today’s post is something for all of my fellow Brightonians; we all know that Brighton isn’t the cheapest place to live, especially when you want to enjoy the outpouring of amazing restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and everything else that the city holds.

My Lifestyle Card is the brand new Brighton discount and loyalty card, giving you money off at clubs, bars, restaurants and even hairdressers.

Komedia, Be At One,Bella Italia, Bagelman, Gunns Florist, Buddies, and Shooshh are just a few of the hundreds of places that you’re able to get a discount with your Lifestyle Card.

lifestyle-1 lifestyle-2 lifestyle-3 lifestyle-4As you can see from the above, I’ve been sampling a lot of the food and drink discounts that Lifestyle Card has to offer over the last few weeks.

I can’t wait to start working my way through the other discounts, like House of Hair, Browns and Virgin Media to name but a few. You can get 65% off MOT’s, 20% off tattoos…the list is endless.

I’m going to be keeping you updated with all the different places that Lifestyle Card offers discounts for, so that you can see for yourself and get some inspiration for where to use yours.

Your own card is just £2 for a physical card, or completely free if you download the app and get yourself a digital card, and for that you’ll get between 10-65% off or 2-4-1 at the plethora of venues.

Grab your own card at

What are you waiting for? Go and save yourself some dough, and treat yourself to some discounted cocktails tonight.

All my love BGP xx