A Weekend In Amsterdam

amsterdam-1Hi everyone!

I paid a visit to Amsterdam for the first, and certainly not the last time, with my friends this weekend, and I wanted to share with you all the places I visited, my recommendations, and just generally chat to you about how it all was!

So we flew with EasyJet, as they were the cheapest airline. Because it was a last minute trip, the flights weren’t as cheap as they could’ve been; they were about £150 each return, but if you booked now for next year, you could get a return flight for about £75, so half the price!

Our flight was at 6.30am on the Saturday morning; this was the best flight time we could get, all the other flights were late afternoon which I think is just a complete waste of a day, and although getting up at 2am is an absolute pain in the arse, sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

We stayed at the West Cord City Centre Hotel – I don’t have any photos, I apologise – I didn’t think to take any, mainly because it was very average, below average if anything, and I wouldn’t really recommend it – if you wanna take a look then have a look online although I’d recommend actual traveller photos rather than hotel photos.

The automatic doors outside had a big bit of wood taped to the front, which really doesn’t look great; as a hotel, first impressions are a lot, and something like that should be fixed as a matter of urgency in my opinion.

It was in a great, central location, literally a 3 minute walk from the central train station, which is a 15 minute train journey from the airport.

The room was…well, odd. The way the furniture was laid out just didn’t work, and the biggest problem was the fact that the bathroom is just slightly misted glass, so you can pretty much see everything through the glass. I’m sorry, but the bathroom is the one bit of privacy you get in this world, but apparently this hotel didn’t feel the same.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible; it was clean, modern, the beds were comfortable, the staff were friendly (apart from a 40 euro charge to check in early and upgrade to a ‘Deluxe’ room which was far from Deluxe), bathrooms were nice…but it wasn’t exactly memorable, or a hotel I’d necessarily rush to go back to.

We ate in a few different places, some a lot better than others, my absolute favourite being breakfast at Vinnie’s Deli literally opposite our hotel.

amsterdam-3amsterdam-2This was hands down the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten in my life; honestly, I never wanted it to end!

It was 12.50 euros for a Full English and 4 euros for freshly squeezed orange juice I believe; a little bit steep I suppose, but absolutely amazing and worth every single penny.

I didn’t know I’d be doing this blog post so excuse me being a bit useless with names of places, I didn’t exactly take note so I’m doing this from memory! We ate at a little Italian on the first night which was nice enough, but I’m afraid I didn’t get the name.

On the second night we ate at CAU Amsterdam which was amazing; almost with a club type atmosphere, everything was deep black, with music, tonnes of people, lots of friendly staff, a big bar, and delicious food and drinks. It was packed but we managed to get a table. Really reasonably priced too, with anything you could want on the menu. We went for burgers and chips – chips had to be ordered separately which I always find odd but whatever!

This would be a perfect venue to start your Saturday night off – we were there on a Sunday night and the atmosphere was still really buzzing and amazing!

amsterdam-4We went to a cocktail bar on the first night, and again, I didn’t get a name! Honestly if I’d have known I was doing this post I would’ve paid a lot more attention.

There are so many bakeries in Amsterdam. Literally everywhere, every single road, is full of bakeries crammed full of delicious cakes, churros, waffles etc. And oh my word do they smell amazing.


In the day time, we explored the city, went to some cafes/coffee shops, and we also tried to go to the Anne Frank House but because it was a last minute trip and we hadn’t booked in advance, we couldn’t go which was a bit annoying but there’s always next time!


You’re meant to book around 2 months in advance; people with prebooked tickets can visit the house until 3.30pm, and then people buying tickets on the door can visit after 3.30pm until closing time, however the queue was genuinely about 5 hours long and it was pouring with rain, so we went on a canal boat tour.

amsterdam-6amsterdam-7The canal boat tour was okay – we didn’t really see anything too amazing, and the guide didn’t actually point any sights out, but it was nice to float along and take in the sights of Amsterdam, especially as the sun was setting.

The Red Light District was very interesting, and I actually really enjoyed it! It was so busy and buzzing. I couldn’t take pictures of the actual windows/roads where the windows were as I think the women would’ve got pretty angry but it was absolutely packed full of people on the Saturday night especially, and had a great atmosphere.

amsterdam-10amsterdam-11Amsterdam is beautiful in the daytime too, it’s amazing just to walk around exploring the cobbled streets and discovering the intricate buildings.

amsterdam-13amsterdam-12All in all, Amsterdam was an amazing place, and a brilliant weekend away; for friends, for couples, for anyone; it has beauty, a great nightlife, restaurants, shops (it even as a Primark, Holland & Barrett, The Body Shop and Charlotte Tilbury!).

I’d thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking for a quick weekend away, as it only takes about 40 minutes to fly there from Gatwick.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll speak to you all soon! Oh – and just a heads up, I’m doing Blogmas, which is basically where I’ll be posting a new blog every single day from 1st December till the 24th, so look out for that!

All my love BGP xx