BLOGMAS Day Eight: What I’ve Learnt Saying Yes

Hi everybody and welcome to Blogmas Day Eight!

We’ve officially passed the week mark – go us!

So, yesterday’s post was kinda (well, completely) non Christmas related, but you all absolutely loved it and I got some amazing feedback, and so I’ve decided to stick with that for today’s blog post, and share something that I’ve been doing.

So, for all of this year, I’ve experienced crippling anxiety, and for most of this year I’ve been in a relationship; those two things mixed meant a lot of staying in. My life revolved around pizza deliveries and Netflix series and my bed.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but when you do it all the time, it gets repetitive and you realise you’re not really living your life at all.

I was always the girl to turn things down; when I got invited out I’d say no, I have work to do, I’m tired, I’m not very well; the list goes on.

Something struck a cord with me when I became single and realised although, yes, I’d had some amazing experiences the past few years, I’d spent a lot of the time being a social recluse, albeit I saw my boyfriend every single day.

So, the past 2 months, I’ve been doing a little experiment with myself…I’ve said yes to everything (okay, not quite everything – if I’d said yes to everything I’d have been doing some weird sh*t with men off Tinder).

Every invite for a night out, drinks, girls nights in, I’ve said yes. Wednesday night, I’m in bed in my pyjamas, and I get a text from my best friend asking me for some drinks. Old me, would’ve probably not even responded to such a message. What a ridiculous notion, going out at 8pm on a Wednesday. New me, immediately jumps in the shower and asks where we’re meeting.

These past 8 weeks of agreeing to every single social outing has been so bloody fun. I’ve laughed so much, and made so many memories and got so much closer to lots of my friends.

I’ve been to London, I’ve been to Amsterdam, I’ve been for countless meals, prosecco dates with my girl friends, pub nights, nights out; don’t get me wrong, it’s been expensive, but it’s been great, and really eye opening.

I’ve honestly laughed till I’ve cried; I had severe anxiety going to London for the entirety of this year, but I am so glad I broke that mindset and went for a weekend with my best friends, because I had probably the most fun I’ve had this year. We woke up at 9am on the Sunday morning absolutely steaming drunk, had to leave the hotel by 10, and were traipsing around London with our suitcases paraletic trying to find somewhere for breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t said yes to every single damn thing (social outings with my friends, yes, Tinder date offers, no). I signed up to Tinder because of encouragement from my friends, and so I said yes (obvs, this is the whole point of the blog post). I declined most offers on there, due to not wanting to A) get murdered, B) get into a relationship with a convict/someone shorter than me/ get into a 3 way relationship, and C) hating most people on there.

However, I did say yes to one date; turned out he was a bit of a ponce with more money than conversational skills, who kept feeling the need to drop into conversation that he had taken the spare Range Rover out (people have spare Range Rovers? Is that a thing?). And no, I did not accept the date invitation because he had money; I didn’t know he did until he brought up his swimming pool every 48 seconds.

So, maybe one of my ‘Yes’ situations was a bit of a let down, but the good certainly outweighs the bad.

If you’re struggling with being a bit of a recluse, and turning everything down, I’d completely recommend just giving yourself even a month with saying yes to everything you possibly can in terms of social invitations, and seeing where it gets you. Because I bet, like me, you’ll make some amazing memories to last a lifetime.

All my love BGP xx