BLOGMAS Day Eleven: How To Cheer Yourself Up When Life Is Sh*t

Hi all, I hope you’re all well, and welcome to Blogmas Day Eleven.

I’m playing catch up at the moment, because I fell behind a few days ago when text and photos on my blog were f*cking up, but it’s all sorted and we will be all caught up very soon!

I’ve been feeling a bit fed up recently – don’t ask me why, because I honestly don’t know, it’s just been one of those times where you feel shit for a few weeks and nothing can snap you out of it.

I thought I’d put together my top tips for pulling yourself together and cheering yourself up when you’re going through this kind of thing – enjoy!

A Pamper Evening

Honestly, when I’m going through a shitty stage and just feeling a bit bleurgh, it can really help to fake tan, do my nails, and stick a hair and face mask on. You’re giving yourself a full cleanse and detox, so you’re physically going to look more with it, but it’s also really good for the soul to just have an evening in on your own, doing things purely for yourself.

A Good Old Night Out

Sometimes when you least feel like getting your glad rags on and going out, is when you most need it. I promise you that putting some heels and lipstick on, having a few glasses of wine and laughing with your friends does a world of good. I find the best nights out to be the ones that aren’t planned, or I wasn’t really looking forward to!

Chocolate, Cake & Everything Else

In complete seriousness, when I am in a foul mood and feel really down, I always want chocolate. I ate an entire Lindtt advent calendar the other day whilst crying, and I felt like a new woman after it. It’s just necessary sometimes.

Treat Yo Self

Just do it. Buy the dress or shoes or book or nail varnish you’ve had your eye on for ages, because guess what? It’s your money and you deserve it. Order a takeaway, buy a bottle of prosecco, spend the entire evening on ASOS. Whatever treating yourself entails, do it.

A Classic Film

13 Going On 30, Mean Girls, Wild Child…chick flick gold. They are an absolute necessity for when life is getting you down.

Cut The Sh*t Out

More to the point, if it’s a certain thing or person that is making you feel shit, and you’re aware of what it is or who they are…just get rid of them. Honestly, the best type of detox is a person detox. If someone adds nothing but anxiety, negativity, worry and anger to your life, don’t keep them in it. Life is way too short, and you’re way too great for someone like that to be overshadowing your life.

All my love BGP xx