BLOGMAS Day Fourteen: My 2017 New Years Resolutions

Hi everyone, and welcome to Blogmas Day Fourteen!

Today I wanted to share my New Years Resolutions with you all, because, well, maybe they’ll give you some inspo or maybe they’ll just tell you exactly how not to live your life…probably the latter, I am assuming.

Let me know what yours are by tweeting me @BtonGirlProbs.

  1. Join A Gym – I really am one lazy bitch, and this is a necessity. I say it every bloody month, but I am going to force myself to in 2017. Obviously not before 2017, because well…Christmas. I will be eating vast amounts of cheesecake and pigs in blankets and therefore exercising is not an option. The only exercise I will be doing is popping the cork on bottles of prosecco. And I will be doing a lot of that.
  2. Travel More – I wanna go everywhere in 2017, literally everywhere. Before I have babies (which is not going to be next year, just FYI), I wanna go to as many countries and places as I possibly can so that I don’t have any regrets.
  3. Grow My Blog – I’ve had so much shit going on this year, as I’m sure most people have, that it’s been difficult keeping a complete 100% focus on my blog, but I am going to make sure that 2017 is my blogs year. Nothing is going to stop me next year, I will make sure of it.
  4. Try And Drink Within Reason Sometimes – I want to try and just go to a bar and have one prosecco with my friends and a catch up, and not feel a deep fire within my soul to get absolutely paraletic and dance on tables to BeyoncĂ© and order a Dominos meal deal for a family of 6 at 4am. I’d quite like to reach that stage in my life too. Doubt it though. My blood type is prosecco.
  5. Stop Letting Insignificant People Annoy Me – You know when sometimes you get a text or speak to someone or bump into someone and it just ruins your entire fucking day, because they’re a horrible person and live to just destroy other peoples happiness? Yep, those people. I’m going to stop letting those people piss me off, because life really is too short, and I don’t need soul suckers in my life. Hellllll no.
  6. Surround Myself Only With Positive People – Again, following on from my previous resolution, I don’t want soul suckers in my life, people who literally live to suck the life and happiness out of everyone else. If someone isn’t adding anything good to my life, I don’t want or need them. End of. I am having a human clear out.
  7. Start A Dream Journal – Bit of a random resolution, but I have some really weird and funny dreams, so from the 1st January…(actually no, not the 1st January. I will be so hungover, most medical professionals would probably be pronouncing me dead at the scene. I will not be doing anything on the 2nd January except crying, being sick, and untagging myself from unflattering Facebook photos) I will be documenting my dreams in a little journal every single morning. Well, if I remember anyway. I am quite a bad morning person to be honest.
  8. Try And Enjoy Red Wine – I want to love it. I really, really do. There’s nothing I want to enjoy more than a nice steak and glass of Pinot Noir, but unfortunately my taste buds scream GIVE US THE FIZZ 24/7 and that’s it. I don’t know how I’m going to try and force myself to like it, but I’m going to give it a bloody good go.
  9. Do More Charity Work – This one is a really important one, and I need to decide on the charity/charities that mean the most to me and that I want to support, and how I want to do it, but it will definitely happen.
  10. Have The Best Year Of My Life To Date – 2016 has been one to remember for sure. We’ve lost many of the greats, there’s been some horrendous things that have happened, but there’s also been some amazing things. My year has been very, very up and down. It started horribly, got a little bit better, got worse than ever, and then slowly got a lot better. The past few months have honestly been great and I wouldn’t change them for the world. But I’d like as much of 2017 as possible to be full of great moments and everlasting memories. Here’s to 2017 – let’s make it the best year yet!


All my love BGP xx