How To Get The ULTIMATE GHD Pamper Pack For Just £5

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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today I wanted to chat all about something really bloody exciting and something that all you beauty/hair lovers will be over the moon about; today, I am going to tell you how you can get yourself everything in the photo above for £5.

I’ve collaborated with Straffle before on a blog post that you may have seen, if not, you can read it here (you definitely should).

So basically, to summarise, Straffle is this amazing website that hosts raffles; you buy a raffle ticket for a fiver, for whichever raffle you want, or more than one, you can enter as many and as many times as you want, and you can win huge amazing prize bundles. As well as the incredible GHD bundle above, there’s makeup packs, an iPhone 7, a Christmas present pack…the list is endless and there’s literally something for every single type of person.

We all know that GHD is one of the best hair product brands out there; and Straffle are not stingy with their prize bundles. In the GHD bundle, you don’t just get your bog standard straighteners; ohhhhh no.

What I really love about Straffle is that a maximum of 200 people can enter each raffle, which really does boost your chances of winning. When thousands of people are entering something, you can sometimes feel a bit like…hmm, there’s not much chance I’m gonna win, am I?

Entering a Straffle raffle (I’m a poet, I know) is bloody exciting because you have a pretty big chance of winning, and winning something incredible too.

If you want to have a little browse of the website and either enter into the GHD raffle, or any of the others (the makeup one is seriously unreal), then click here and make sure to tweet me @BtonGirlProbs and let me know which raffle you entered!

All my love BGP xx