5 Disappointing Beauty Products | April 2017

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

Today I wanted to do a post that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows…about products that I did not get along with.

Now, all brands that are included in this post have products that I do love, however these specific ones…nah. They just didn’t do for me. I think it’s important when you have a little online space like I do, to share the things that didn’t work as much as the ones that did, so here we go.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘The Vintage Vamp’ Luxury Palette – There’s a part of me that loves this palette. It’s beautiful to look at for a start, and the colour range is gorgeous, however I just do not think it’s worth the £39 price point. It’s unfortunate for higher end brands that we now have things like the Morphe palettes available to us, that contain ten times as many shades, with ten times the pigmentation, for half the price, but it’s just the truth, and I think perhaps luxury brands need to step up their game to rival these.

The top left shade, a kind of champagne colour, is really lovely and pretty pigmented. I feel like after this shade, the rest of them kind of fall down. When blending the two darker shades, they just didn’t bode well, and seemed to really fade and were almost quite watery in consistency when on the eye. The gold shade, which I thought would be my favourite wasn’t what I expected at all; it was like iridescent chunks of gold glitter on a clear base rather than a full glitter shade. I was not a fan.

If this palette had cost me a tenner, or even £15, I’d probably be reasonably happy with it, as it’s compact with a mirror and handy to carry around, but the quality of the eyeshadows just was not good enough, certainly not for nearly £40.

Hourglass ‘Diffused Light’ Ambient Lighting Powder – This was one of those products that had been raved about far and wide, bloggers, YouTubers, makeup artists alike, and so I bounded into Space NK just like I do whenever a few YouTubers start singing the praises of a high end product, and purchased it for the not-so-modest sum of £40. Now, it’s a lovely product to look at, and the concept is great, some kind of translucent set powder-cum-highlighter that makes you look like a glowing Victoria’s Secret model, however it just did not work for me.

I don’t quite understand this, as some people say it’s a highlighter and others say it’s an ‘all over face’ powder. I’ve tried this for both uses, and as a highlighter it’s just not enough, it doesn’t have enough glow or pigment to actually be a highlighter. As for all over the face, I have an oily T-zone and this didn’t work for me. Within an hour the bridge of my nose was as oily as ever, as was the centre of my forehead. I use my trusty Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder (available here and you seriously will not regret it, one pot lasts you month and it’s just INCREDIBLE, believe me when I say that!) that I’ve used for about 4 years and never stray from (except in this instance, which I regretted!). So yeah, I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this product is, and what it’s meant for. It looks amazing on other people from what I’ve seen, but just not on me. My Laura Mercier powder covers blemishes even further, but this didn’t. It was just a bit of a nothing product for me.

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair Leave In Treatment – I love Aveda, so it saddened me that my hair didn’t agree with this. It’s a leave in hair treatment that you apply on damp hair, and then just leave it in and go about your business, dry your hair, style it, let it air dry, whatever. However for me, my hair looked so lank and greasy from leaving this in, so I did need to wash it. I’ve tried it with different amounts and had the same result, so unfortunately it doesn’t work for me as a ‘leave in’ treatment, and I haven’t been able to notice a difference due to having to wash it quite soon after using it. Another product that has had rave reviews, so maybe it’s just my hair!

Milani ‘Dolce Pink’ Baked Powder Blush – Probably the lesser of the bunch, this blusher did absolutely nothing. Honestly, you’d find more pigmentation in water. I have tried this so many times, and swirled my brush around with enough elbow grease to dig a grave, however it just picked up nothing. I used about 10 different brushes, and still nothing. I’ve swatched it on my finger, and it gives the tiniest bit of faint pink glitter, but apart from that, I may as well have bought an empty pot for all the product I’ve managed to get out of this one. There’s not much more to say except that maybe I got a bad one, as I’ve seen people speak highly of this, but whatever one I got, it did zero for me or my cheeks.

NYX ‘Milan’ Soft Matte Lip Cream I’m using this specific shade as an example but for most of the ‘nude’ pinks, this goes to be true. This is not a nude pink. This is actually a bright, neon pink once you get inside it. Now, I don’t have a problem with neon pinks, I like a bright lip as much as the next person, but if I’m buying something that looks like a subtle petal pink, I expect that, not a lippy shade that I only get out twice a year, at Gay Pride or when I’m going through a serious break up. I have found this with most of their ‘muted’ shades, that for some reason they are a lot brighter than the packaging gives away. The consistency of these isn’t my favourite either, some of them work well for me, their purple and red shades for example I get along quite well with, but their pink tones are just a whole other story!

So, that was my disappointing products post for this month…I hope you enjoyed it! Again, I’m not meaning to slag off brands or products, as with everything I’ve mentioned, they have legions of people who swear by them, but I just want to share what doesn’t work for me.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx