Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme Review

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

Today I am so bloody excited to blog about this product. It’s not often I find a superstar product, one that is absolutely faultless, however…the time is now, and I have found an absolute dreamboat skincare product that you all need to try.

A few weeks ago I went through a seriously shitty skin stage (ooooh alliteration get me). I probably had about 25 spots on my face at any one time for a couple of weeks, and it was really getting me down. I’ve never had perfect skin, but at any one time I’ve never had more than a small spot or two, easy enough to cover up and they would go within a day or two.

I was quite stressed and eating crap and not drinking enough water, and also had fallen asleep in my makeup a few times (the worst beauty sin, ladies), so I think that was probably the reason, but yeah; I was having an absolute nightmare and felt so insecure and down about it.

I asked skincare queen Caroline Hirons on Twitter what she would recommend, and she recommended these, so of course I gave them a go.

These pads contain 3 essential acids; when I first started getting into my skincare, acid scared the shit out of me, because let’s be honest…it’s not known to be purifying and soothing, is it? However there are certain acids that are essential in an effective skincare regime, and these pads contain 3 of the best.

They contain glycolic acid, which is a naturally derived from sugar canes, although nowadays some companies make it synthetically.

It’s an exfoliator, so it removes the old dead skin cells that you don’t want or need, and reveals fresh, younger looking skin underneath.

The next acid they contain is salicylic, which is a must-have for anyone prone to acne. It helps break down clogged up pores and dead skin cells, and penetrates the skin to give a really ‘deep’ clean.

Lastly, they contain lactic acid, which like salicylic, also helps to weaken the bond of dead skin cells that lead to congested skin.

Honestly, these are the best skincare product I’ve ever used, and they cost under £15 (and you get 60 pads for that). To be honest you only need to use one as they are seriously loaded with product, but I use two per night, so they will last me a month. £15 a month to keep my skin spot-free and looking fresh and flawless is nothing to be honest.

They are so simple to use; once your skin is clean and cleansed, you just wipe one over the necessary areas. I wipe one over the areas where I’m not spotty too, to prevent getting spots in those areas if that area is clogged and congested.

They smell quite strong, and also have quite a strong underlying scent of citrus which isn’t bad at all.

These have honestly cleared my skin up. I have no spots at the moment, just a little bit of redness from where the spots used to be which is fading every day. I am not being sponsored for this post, I bought them with every penny of my own money; I just need the world to know about these flipping incredible things.

You can get them cheapest here. I honestly couldn’t recommend a product enough. You will thank me, I promise!

Let me know your thoughts on them.

All my love BGP xx