Brighton Pub Spotlight | The Connaught Pub & Kitchen

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

So, I’ve decided to do a new blog series called Brighton Pub In The Spotlight, where basically each week (hopefully) I’ll feature a new ‘Pub in the spotlight’ which is basically where I talk about one of my favourite Brighton (or Hove) pubs.

Today, I wanted to start the series with one of my absolute faves called The Connaught which is in Hove, on Hove Street (complicated location, I know).

Myself and my boyfriend come here pretty regularly, for mid week drinks, Saturday daytimes, evenings, or Sundays. That’s not every week, by the way…that would basically be like us going every time of day, every day of the week, which I could probably manage, but I don’t…I do have other stuff to do, even if I wish I was in the pub.

So, let’s talk about this wonderful place.

First of all, the food. Oh my word, the food. They do the most amazing sandwiches and soup, my favourite being the Tuna Melt. I know you probably think you can’t have too-strong feelings on a tuna melt, but believe you me…it’s just unreal. I shared a photo of it on my Instagram (@thebrightongirl) a few months ago if you wanna have a look. It’s not hard to find, it’s the only tuna melt on my Instagram, funnily enough.

We haven’t eaten there for dinner yet, which we are planning on doing on soon as their food, especially their burgers, look and smell absolutely incredible.

Last Sunday, during the Brighton Marathon, we had a Sunday roast there. Lord knows how we got there, as Church Road was completely shut off for the marathon, so we had to risk our lives nipping through the runners to try and get to the other side. Of course, me knowing prosecco and carbs were waiting on the other side, I would’ve risked anything.

The roast was fantastic, we both opted for the chicken roast, and it came with a huge Yorkshire pudding (yaaaaas) and really crispy, amazing potatoes and veg. I was sold.

This was the first time we sat outside in the garden which was lovely; a lower level patio with chairs and tables and then up some steps is a grassy area full of picnic benches where we had our roast and some drinks.

Inside is lovely, wooden tables with a mix of wooden chairs and comfy leather bound seats backed against the wall. It’s always a really good atmosphere; it’s not a ‘football lad’ kinda pub, they don’t play the football or anything, just the rugby occasionally (much to my boyfriends disappoint…instead he sits reading Sky Sports on his phone with a pint and ignoring me). It has a really nice crowd; older couples, families, and groups of friends. I like it because it’s not in the centre and has a nice crowd so I feel comfortable going in my jeans and a t-shirt.

Also, and my favourite part, is that on Thursday’s and Friday’s they do half price bottles of prosecco! Woop woop. We got through a couple of those Friday night, then went and got a kebab along the road, went home, and I cried after my boyfriend told me off for getting kebab on his MacBook. Soz mate but if you don’t want doner meat stuck between your keyboard, don’t put it in my way when I’ve been drinking.

Anyway, I’m digressing; The Connaught in Hove is a lovely pub, with brilliant food and drinks and a great atmosphere. I’d definitely recommend paying it a visit, especially if you live around that area and it’s local to you.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and my little Brighton Pub Spotlight series idea; I hope you do anyway as this is only the first in the series!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx