Love Prevails

I am writing this, not knowing if I will publish it, but needing to just write it.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen some of the worst events take place; wars, terror attacks, senseless murders of innocent men, women, children, animals. I’ve seen things that are nothing more than tragic accidents take place; but tragic, all the same.

Each and every single one has made my heart ache, as it has everyone. However the absolute tragedy that took place in Manchester on Monday night has left me, and the rest of the world, reeling, and unable to fathom how anyone could commit such an act.

As I, and the rest of the UK got up on Tuesday morning, and went about our day, life was tinged with a deep sadness.

I walked around, into shops and supermarkets, down the road, jumped on the train; I didn’t see a single person smile. Everyone’s heads were bowed, eyes to the floor, or staring blankly ahead. Everyone was grieving.

The lump in my throat will not go away, nor will the tears in my eyes. How anyone could hurt an innocent person is beyond my comprehension. Even more so, how anyone could want to hurt children, innocent, young children, enjoying an evening at a pop concert…it’s beyond anyones reasoning.

As more details have broken throughout the day, the pain the entire nation is feeling has grown. And that pain is nothing compared to what the victims, and their families and friends have had to go through. I cannot bear to even think about what they are going through.

I wanted to write this post, because eventually, there will be another post. And it will be upbeat, about a lipstick or a restaurant I went to. Life will go on. But I did not want to sweep these tragic events under the carpet. I wanted this to be here forever, as a mark of what happened. I don’t just want to steam on ahead getting on with things whilst there are children that have been horrifically injured and worse, killed, by nothing short of an evil, disgusting, vile coward.

My childhood best friend lives in Manchester, my aunties live in Manchester, my boyfriend is from Manchester and his whole family live there. We got back just days ago from visiting them there, and it was a place that completely and utterly stole my heart, and made me want to stay there. I have no doubt that this dark, awful time will only bring that amazing city closer together and stronger. I just wish with every fibre of my being that it hadn’t taken this horrific tragedy to do that.

Maybe some of you will see this post as pointless, but the ache I feel in my heart today needed to be written down.

Those innocent people should have been returning home to their families last night, and they didn’t. They got their lives stolen away from them. It fills me with such unrelenting anger, that anyone in this world could be so evil that they would even consider doing this and causing this much harm and destruction.

We cannot let them win, those who pour hatred and violence out into the world. They will never win, not when the world is filled with so many kind and loving people.

Even in the midst of the most evil act, the kindness was so visible. Restaurants opening up their doors to the emergency services for free, hotels housing lost and hurt children, clothing companies donating tens of thousands of pounds to funds set up for the victims families, strangers bringing police cups of tea, taxi drivers offering to drive people across cities for free, strangers giving strangers beds for the night. Those are the people, along with the victims, that we need to remember. Not the epitome of cowardice, the terrorist who caused such devastation.

Let’s forget that vile creatures name; let’s instead remember the names of those who lost their lives. Who were hurt. The surgeons who worked tirelessly overnight performing emergency surgery. The people who queued for hours to give blood in Manchester early this morning.

”Man has never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.”

Love prevails.