Contraceptive Patch | 4 Week Update

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

It’s time for my 4 week contraceptive patch update (please see my 2 week update here if you haven’t yet, or you have no idea what the patch is!).

So; what’s happened during the last 2 weeks?

I had my patch stuck pretty much directly over my ovaries, and I had a couple of pains, so I switched it to the side of my hip and haven’t had them since.

I’ve had a couple of period type pains, that go within a few minutes; my skin has been pretty much the same, no huge mood swings, the same appetite, and no obvious weight gain.

I haven’t had my week break where I bleed yet, as the past week it was meant to of been, however I’m going to London this weekend and I hate being away and having my period as it’s such an inconvenience (well it always is, anyway!).

My boobs haven’t got any bigger than they had before, they’ve just kinda stopped now, which is annoying but fine.

Apart from that, everything is pretty much the same. It’s the easiest form of contraception I’ve been on easily – I forget it’s there most of the time apart from when it gets a little bit itchy where I’ve stuck it.

I definitely recommend looking into it if you’re struggling with being on the pill, implant, injection etc.

I’ll update you in 2 weeks time!

All my love BGP xx