Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well, and I hope that you’re all loving my new blog design; it looks so much better. I felt like a girl who had outgrown having a shit tonne of Groovy Chick stuff all in her bedroom and needed a revamp.

Today I wanted to talk to you about a new spot saviour I’ve been using and loving; I went through a bit of a spotty stage again (I had been using my fave Nip + Fab product which you can read about here) and I wanted to try something new. I’d heard some good reviews about this brand and product so thought I’d give it a bloody good go.

It contains a mix of calamine (a medication used to treat sunburn, insect bites and other mild skin ailments and issues) and salicylic acid (used to remove the outer layer of skin and treat acne and loads of other things).

First things first, do not shake the bottle! Keep it up right so that the pink powder at the bottom stays separated from the clear liquid.

All you need to do is dip a cotton bud, as shown above, into the pink powder.

It will then come out with a thick, creamy pink paste, which you simply dab onto your spot. I use a different cotton bud end for each spot as I don’t want to mix germs or spread the areas of spots across my face. It smells a tad strong and you may feel a bit of a sting, but I apply it before bed and nod off quite quickly so I barely notice it.

It’s such a simple product to use; so simple that I just thought hmm whatever, I doubt it’ll work wonders.

Low and behold, I woke up and the dried pink paste on my face had gone (unsure if this is because if comes off or it was rubbed off due to me tossing and turning and rubbing my face against the pillow during the night) – and so had my spots!

I really struggle with these ‘cult spot-busting products’ where everyone raves about them, as I just find my skin isn’t susceptible to a lot of products. But this SERIOUSLY WORKS.

I tweeted about it, and so many of you were like YAAAAS I LOVE THIS TOO, so I was so pleased to see I wasn’t the only one.

It’s literally a life saver little product to have on your dressing table or bedside table or whatever, for whenever you might have an irritating breakout before a Tinder date, your wedding night or before you go out on the pull (these are all things I can imagine you would want flawless skin for) or just generally everyday life.

Make sure you have a pack of cotton buds too when you get this!

You can grab this dreamy little spot of skin perfecting amazingess here.

Speak soon and if you get it let me know what you think.

All my love BGP xx