Allison Jefferey Lip Filler Experience | June 2017

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

Today is a special post because it’s about my LIP FILLERS! Ahhh so happy to be able to say that, after finally getting them re-done.

Just before I get into this post, as I said in the last post, I’m not promoting surgery or fillers…well I kind of am because I’m writing a post about it but I’m not trying to say that you need to get your lips done, or that changing your entire face is the way forward. I’m just saying, do what the hell you want to do. I want to get my lips done, and have wanted to for years; some people want to get their boobs done, or noses or they want botox. If it makes you happy, and you’re doing it for yourself, bloody well do it. Life’s too short to care about what other people think, and quite frankly it’s my face, just like your face is your face, and you can do whatever you want to it!

I got my lips done last year in April for the first time at Allison Jefferey Skin Health Clinic in Brighton. I loved what she did and I had so little side effects, I was completely hooked. Most people get theirs topped up every 3-6 months or so (although the fillers do last 9 months to a year), however I didn’t get mine done again for over a year, as I was concerned about getting addicted to fillers and ending up looking like a fish.

I told Allison this when I went in a few weeks ago and she told me not to worry; she turns people away weekly who she thinks don’t need anymore, as she has a reputation to maintain, and doesn’t want people with huge, over the top, quite frankly not very nice lips walking around and saying they got them done by her, which is completely understandable.

The clinic looks so clean and minimalist that I always instantly feel at ease in there. Not to be rude (I’m about to be a bit rude) but there are so many unqualified people, in Brighton especially, offering fillers at the moment! I’ve had friends who have inquired and asked what qualifications they have, or any certificates, and they have…nothing. They’ve just bought a kit online, and not done any training whatsoever. It’s not just about knowing what you’re doing with a needle and some filler, it’s about being medically trained.

The staff at Allison Jefferey are fully regulated and are doctor and nurse prescribers, so they’re medically qualified. They also offer a 24 hour aftercare service.

When I booked in they also emailed me beforehand quite a few times to check I was taking my Arnica tablets (anti-bruising essentially) as often as I should be with the dosage that I should be taking. I won’t lie, last time I was so strict with taking them, and this time I wasn’t, and I paid for it by having more bruising than last time! Last time I took them exactly as I should have and only got the teeniest bruise that went within a day.

When I got in there, one of the ladies working there applied numbing cream all over the mouth which was left on for about 45 minutes beforehand so that it reduced any pain or stinging as much as possible.


In the actual room where the fillers are done, you’re laid down and Allison explains everything and makes sure she knows the type of look that you’re going for.

She offers something trademarked to the clinic, called Designer Lips. Honestly, if you look at some of the before and afters on her website (here) they’re unreal. Usually, Designer Lips involves 2 syringes of Juvaderm, however you can opt for one if you want less filler.

Juvaderm is pretty much the only filler you want in your lips; it’s a ”family of inject-able hyaluronic acid dermal fillers”. It’s the fillers that the Kardashians and basically everyone else who you get lip envy over uses.

I had half a syringe last time as it was my first experience of fillers and I was very nervous, and I had a full syringe this time, however I am going back for a second and I will share before and after photos in a second blog post then.

I only had one syringe first of all as we want to build it up gradually, plus I was going on holiday twice immediately after and the heat makes them swell and bruise more.

People always ask if it’s painful; it’s uncomfortable at times, because it’s a sharp needle going into a sensitive area, but it’s just a sharp scratch like it is when a needle goes into your arm etc, and then it’s over as soon as it’s out. If you go somewhere safe and regulated like Allison Jefferey, they will make it as painless as possible.

My lips did bruise after, but that was my own fault for not taking my arnica tablets properly before! If you take them you’ll be fine. I also applied a shit tonne of arnica cream after and they’d fully gone within a week, and had gone down loads within a few days.

All in all…Allison is honestly a dream at doing lips. Mine currently look like I have naturally plump and nicely shaped lips, and after I get the second syringe they will look even more so. I don’t look like a fish or like I’ve had my lips done, they feel smooth and normal, and they don’t hurt one little bit. I am so impressed and so happy I made the decision to go to Allison; she is famous in Brighton for fillers (and loads of other services) and across Sussex; and actually across the country. She gets people driving down from everywhere to visit her.

Give the clinic a call, text or email if you’re interested and they can book you; you honestly won’t be disappointed! I’ve always loved the look of plump lips and I’m finally the owner of a pair HA.

Speak soon, and I’ll share pictures of them once they’re finished!

All my love BGP xx