Going Backless

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

Todays blog post is a little bit different to my normal blog style…1) because I’m featured in it and 2) I’m talking about clothing/underwear rather than beauty and lifestyle.

I love backless outfits; dresses, tops, playsuits, I love them, however I struggle to wear them. I am a 32B and though all women may have concerns about going braless, especially when you’re part of the itty bitty titty committee, it can be pretty nerve wracking knowing you don’t have the comfort of a bra to make your boobs look bigger or rounder, or to hide that obvious nipple look; to make you feel supported.

I often shy away from anything backless purely because I refuse to go completely braless. Around a month ago I went to London with my boyfriend to meet up with his best mate and we went to the Taste of London Food Festival. I wore a backless playsuit, with some stick on bra pads I bought from Amazon. Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.

They had barely any stick, and it was boiling hot and they were melting off. I honestly had 4 boobs at one point. It was an absolute disaster and I vowed to never do it again.

Perfection Secrets got in touch about their secret bra solutions, and as soon as I’d tried them, I was hooked. Never again will I order stick on fillets from Amazon!

Excuse my windswept hair not looking on point. And yes, I did sit on the beach and whip my pads out.

Anyway, I digress; I bought this playsuit from Boohoo (available here) and fell absolutely in love with it, but of course the age old question came up; what on earth am I going to do bra wise? You can’t wear a bra with this, the back tie just wouldn’t cover it, and due to small boob struggles, I refuse to wear nothing at all.

I had kind of accepted I might actually have to send it back, due to all the stick on pads I’d tried having no stick, or slipping off the second the temperature reached more than 12 degrees.

After trying the Secret Bra in Black  (available in sizes A-E too, and in skin tone shades) I basically did an air punch. I constantly scroll past anything backless when I’m online shopping, just for the fact I’m not confident enough to wear nothing on top. Finding pads that aren’t wafer thin so provide me with some added boobage and a lift, stay on all day, and are really discreet and comfortable to wear, is going to change my wardrobe.

I’m going to be showing you over the next few weeks, a couple more items Perfection Secrets offer bra wise, such as bras for those low cut dresses I wished I could rock but was concerned I’d look like an adolescent boy in, and how to get a little bra boost.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I literally loved creating it! Despite the fact everyone in the vicinity looked like they were about to get me done for public indecency, it was great!

I’ll speak to you all soon.

All my love BGP xx


*This post was sponsored by Perfection Secrets but as always, I’m being totally honest with you about every last thing, especially anything to do with lady parts*