Stop Bullshitting Us | Sponsored Posts & Fakery

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

Today, I am ranting, so I’m sorry in advance.

Now, I am a huge Love Island fan; I love the programme, the people, and I love seeing what they’re up to once they’re out the villa.

I came across a post recently, saying someone from Love Island (I’m not going to say a name as I don’t want to be outrightly nasty and name someone) has done adverts for 39 different brands since being out the villa, and it kind of shocked me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not shocked; I’ve seen their Instagrams, but the sheer velocity…really?

I have seen 4 or 5 different teeth whitening posts from one reality star in a week. Come on now – you haven’t tried one of those teeth whiteners let alone 5. You’re getting paid, posting the picture, and chucking them in the bin, along with all the others you’ve promoted that week.

It’s influencer marketing gone mad.

What winds me up, is that they’re bullshitting everyone. Reality stars, celebrities, even a small minority of bloggers and YouTubers (it is a lot rarer for bloggers/YouTubers to do it and I’ve only ever seen a few do it; I think most of them wouldn’t dream of it), they’re all at it. Promoting products that they’ve never tried, or don’t work, just for a quick payday.

It makes me angry, because people look up to their favourite celebrities and TV stars. They aspire to look like them a lot of the time. I see my favourite TV star and I want to know how her makeup looks so perfect all the time, for example. Then I see a post on Instagram and it says she uses this charcoal peeling face mask and it keeps her skin looking great, and I buy it, and drop £25 on it, only to find it doesn’t work at all, and to realise that actually, she’s never used it.

It happens all the time, and it winds everyone up, that you can’t get an honest opinion out of a lot of them anymore. We want to know what they actually use, rather than just hear a load of shit that they’re getting paid a couple of grand to post about.

Weight loss teas, posted about by girls with the most lovely figures, and washboard abs, hair growth pills, posted about by those same girls who have extensions, teeth whitening toothpastes and strips, posted about by people who have had their teeth whitened at the dentist, or have veneers, WHICH YOU CAN’T EVEN WHITEN! Diet shakes and smoothies, posed next to in kitchens with a fake smile slapped on their faces and a copied and pasted Instagram caption that they’ve not even written themselves.

I know there’s a lot of money to be made, but surely by being honest, you’ll eventually wind up getting brand sponsorship’s from brands you actually use and love, getting paid to talk about the products you use and love, or starting up your own brand to create quality products?

Anyway, my post today was a little bit different and maybe not the most positive, but I feel like I needed to say something. As someone who would not have the audacity to lie to the people who follow me and listen to my recommendations, like the majority of other bloggers and YouTubers out there, it’s time to stand up to the crowds of celebrities and reality stars who repeatedly lie to their followers (and rarely even declare it’s an #ad either).

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx