Sunday Lunch At The Coal Shed | August 2017

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well and have enjoyed probably the last sunny weekend we are going to get for the rest of the year (I’m half sad about that but half happy because I want winter to come so I can hide my muffin top with mustard colours chunky knits and not have to shave my legs till March).

Today myself and my boyfriend (I really am hating the word boyfriend at the moment because whenever I tweet something he’s said that’s annoyed me or tell a story, I have to say ‘my boyfriend’ and I feel like it sounds all braggy and annoying like ‘Ooooh look at me I have a boyfriend’, when it’s not, it’s just what I have to call him; trust me I don’t even really want a boyfriend tbh). Anyway I’m rambling as per usual. Can you actually imagine if I had a YouTube channel? Jesus Christ. Ok just realised I didn’t even say what we did! WE WENT TO THE COAL SHED FOR SUNDAY LUNCH. Bloody hell that took a long time to say, sorry. I’m annoying myself now.

We went to The Coal Shed for a roast; I’ve been to The Coal Shed once for a steak at lunchtime (apparently I lived a rather extravagant lifestyle 4 years ago) and it was unreal. I’ve not been back since, which is odd as it was amazing, but I kind of think I do that sometimes with places I love as I’m scared if I go back it won’t be as good – also, Brighton is constantly opening up new restaurants so we have an endless choice of places to eat. I heard the other day we have more restaurants/cafes per head than any city outside of London! That was music to a greedy bitch like myselfs ears.

Just to say, our meal was complimentary in return for a review; I will always be completely honest with you no matter what, I’ve not signed a contract to say I have to say nice things if it wasn’t nice!

Okay so, they offer one roast (they also offer different options on the al a carte menu on a Sunday but if you’re going for a roast, they just have one) and that is the 35 Day Dry-Aged Roast Sirloin of Black Aberdeen Angus Beef, which is cooked on the bone.

It’s served with roast potatoes, leek gratin, honey roast root veg, seasonal greens, Yorkshire pudding and beef gravy and costs £38 for two people.

So, what was it like?

The main event (the beef) comes in a black dish with the potatoes and yorkshires, and then as you can see, the veg comes in small dishes and the gravy in a little pot that looks like a mini saucepan. Corrr I have a way with words.

The sirloin is a really big bit of meat, definitely more than enough for 2; at first I wasn’t entirely sure, but each cut is so thick, it’s honestly more than enough and probably more than you end up getting in a normal roast when you have thinly sliced beef.

The yorkshires were lovely, light and fluffy with a crunchy coating, and the potatoes were crispy and seasoned. I loved the leek gratin, I’ve never had it before, but it was so yummy and there was loads of cheese sauce in it that was great to eat alongside everything else.

I’m probably really stupid but I’m pretty sure the seasonal greens were cabbage; I hope I’ve got that right! It was nice either way, when I have cabbage its usually flaccid and pale so I wasn’t used to something dark green and crunchy!

Generally speaking I’ll eat carrots but they’re not my best mate, however these were honey roasted I believe and VERY good.

My only criticism which isn’t even really a criticism is that there’s not much gravy that comes in the little pot however they did say if you need anymore to just let them know, so I did straight away as I like my roasts drowning! Also it was a little on the thin side, but it still tasted nice, so not necessarily a bad point.

Honestly, I’d recommend The Coal Shed sharing roast – it may seem a little steep at £38 however most roasts in Brighton are about £15 each so it’s not much more, and you get a lot of food and some really amazing quality beef for that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, speak soon!

All my love BGP xx