The Big Prosecco Festival, Brighton | August 2017

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Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

Today I want to share with you something VERY exciting that’s happening this weekend in Brighton…The Big Prosecco Festival!

On Sunday 27th August (bank holiday weekend too so no work the next day!), from 12pm till 11pm, at the Proud Country House in Stanmer Park, my dream is coming true…live DJs, bands, entertainment, and the most important fact of all, over 50 varieties of prosecco.

See, generally speaking I’m not really a festival girl; I don’t like mud or dirt, long queues for toilets, communal shower facilities, warm cider and someone urinating outside my tent. So what is better, than a one day festival, in a gorgeous manor houses gardens, surrounding my greatest love in life…prosecco.

Think of it as Ladies Day, but without the short men riding horses. This is a seriously dressy event, so if you’re going, get your dress and heels out, book yourself in for a blow dry, and whip the fake lashes on.

At an average festival, you wear wellies and a rain mac, and hope it doesn’t actually rain or else your fake tan will be streakier than a rasher of bacon. There will be no wellies in sight here, only stilettos, and there will be no streaky tan either, for even if the heavens do open, there’s marquees so you’re protected. There’s entertainment as I said, so there will be a party atmosphere alongside the copious amounts of prosecco, and Italian food to sample too. YAAAS.

You’ll be able to mince around, trying prosecco from all over the world, types you didn’t even know existed, and be dressed up with your friends and/or family at the same time.

The Afternoon Session tickets are 12-5pm, best if you want more of a ‘day drinking’ situation, and to head out after, or there’s 6pm-11pm, where you can treat it as more of an evening out and head on somewhere else. Or, get both tickets, and do me proud.

The VIP tickets include 8 glasses of prosecco, YES 8, so they’re worth every penny. I hate it when you pay for a ticket for something and it includes entry and no fun freebies, so this is truly a ticket worth getting.

You can go to to get your tickets, and I hope to see you there!

All my love BGP xx