A Bra Boost & Painless Heels

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Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

Today I am going to discuss with you the trials and tribulations of being a female, or more precisely, a female on a night out.

Before we go on, please excuse my windswept hair in these photos; as you can see I was near the seafront and it was bloody windy. I had smooth, GHD’d to perfection hair before I left the house and then, well…the British weather happened. A further thing I need to point out is my pale hand in that above photo; wtf is going on there? My hand is the exact same colour as my arm in real life; that camera did some funky shit.

Okay okay okay, I digress, AS PER USUAL. Boobs and heels; back on topic.


Let’s talk about heels first; they’re painful, right?

I remember quite a few years ago now, I had a job in a nightclub ‘hostessing’ (basically waiting on tables full of arrogant men on stag dos who thought they were bestowing gold upon me by tipping me a fiver after 4 hours of leering and smashing glasses that I had to clear up, and occasionally marching over with a bucket laden with overprized vodka, waving sparklers about), and I had to wear massive heels.

Those were some of the most traumatic nights of my life, and not because of the gross men; because of the pain I would be in! My feet actually used to bleed, and I’d get home at about 4am with blisters the size of Mars, and swollen feet. I’d hobble to the toilet during my shift and just sit down and take my shoes off and cry, I’m not even joking.

Anyway, thankfully all that shit (rank men and bleeding feet) is all behind me now.

Perfection Secrets, the lifesaving brand I’ve been working on a series of blogs with over the summer (this is the last in the series wahhhh, hopefully I’ll be back soon though!) with them about all their solutions that literally save womens lives, have these bloody brilliant Gel Cushions (pictured above) that you can pop under the balls of your feet to bring you a tonne more comfort than wearing heels without anything, and they honestly do work, and they’re so cheap too.

If you get painful feet on a night out, or have to wear heels for work, you need these in your life – they have a sticky side too so they won’t slip out.


I always wear a padded bra; maybe not as padded as the Primark XXXL Boob Job Times 10 bras I used to wear when I was younger, but I wear a padded bra; I have small boobs, and I like a boost.

I also like to sometimes have an extra boost, and from my extensive experience of wearing chicken fillets, I find them a bit sticky and slippery and make me feel like I have sweaty boobs.

Perfection Secrets have these Bikini Boosters, which admittedly are for bikinis (they are the perfect shape), however I’ve been trialing wearing them in my bra and I wanted to share them with you all, because they are so comfy, and fit perfectly in my bra, and don’t give me that horrible sticky feeling that silicone chicken fillets sometimes can when it’s hot, which I know I’ve discussed with a lot of you and you feel the same!

I was worried at first that if I wore something low cut, that they would stick out due to the triangle shape, but if you position them correctly (padded part at the bottom, beginning just under the wiring of your bra), the pointed part of the pad stays hidden, and you can also fold the top over to further prevent it.

They give me a really nice natural looking cleavage, and of course you can also wear them in your bikini which I’ll probably do as well when I go on holiday (I haven’t found any that are this padded before!). They also offer a load of other fab cleavage enhancing products here.

It’s pretty random with the bikini boosters, I know, but I thought I’d try them out as during the heat I found silicone pads were just stressing me out, and I came up top with these! I’m seriously impressed; they actually ended up making my bra feel comfier.

Their Secret Bra range is absolutely fantastic, which you should definitely check out. I featured them in the first post in the series here – they are perfect for backless outfits, or anything low cut which doesn’t allow you to wear a bra. They are the first stick ons I’ve tried that actually work, are sticky enough, and don’t fall off or look too obvious. I used to shy away from backless outfits, which I love, because I was concerned about not being able to wear a bra – but these have completely saved my bacon, and I’d definitely recommend having a little look yourself, as they do them in 3 colours and a huge range of sizes.

You can get my dress here, shoes here (they’re wide fit, I didn’t know that they were, my feet aren’t necessarily wide but they fit well!) and jacket here.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post; I am going to be giving away three of the Secret Bra (have a look at it here) to three lucky winners, in your colour and size of choice of course, over on my Twitter @btongirlprobs, so go and enter!

Speak to you all soon.

All my love BGP xx