Wolfies Kitchen | Breakfast & Brunch

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

You’ve probably seen me post on my Twitter/Instagram about this place before, and if you haven’t, I’m going to talk to you about it now.

I just want to start off by saying, this is completely non sponsored; I know that you know that anyway, I always declare sponsored content and I always give my honest opinion, but I wanted to reiterate it. Every time I’ve been to Wolfies, it’s been paid for out of mine/my boyfriends own pockets, I’ve never had anything for free; I just wanted to post this to give you a recommendation.

So, yes; Wolfies.

Situated just down the road from Hove Station, is two sister establishments. Wolfies of Hove, which is an AMAZING fish and chip shop, is the first one. They are honestly my favourite chippy, apart from Bardsley’s of Baker Street and Bankers, in Brighton/Hove. I reckon they actually beat the other two to be honest. I’ve never been a fan of curry sauce from chippies because quite frankly I think it’s always horrible, but the curry sauce that Wolfies do…my god. It’s something else. They’re honestly amazing. I might do a full post about my favourite Brighton takeaways, because this post isn’t about Wolfies of Hove, it’s about their cafe a few doors up, Wolfies Kitchen.

My boyfriend lives nearby so it’s our absolute favourite place to go for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They offer everything from fry ups, hashes, avocado and poached eggs on toast, porridge etc, to burgers, baguettes, sandwiches, bagels, and cakes. They’ve also started offering alcohol too, so you can have a beer or a prosecco with your lunch, and we went there for a champagne (well, prosecco) breakfast before pride!

(Salt beef hash, my boyfriends favourite)

(My favourite breakfast I’ve ever had there; my normal bread with poached eggs, avocado and chilli/tomato chutney kinda side salad, but for some reason the bread and butter was EXTRA amazing, and I was just in absolute heaven – whatever they did that day, they should do everyday)

(A customised open bagel with sausages, poached eggs and tomatoes)

(My normal favourite order)

(My usual order, but without the chutney, and with sausages added this time)

I also have a cracking tuna baguette for lunch there, which I’ve never taken a photo of unfortunately, and my boyfriend has had a cracking cajun chicken burger, and when you go for lunch you can also order chips from Wolfies of Hove to go with your food, which we always do.

They source everything they can locally I believe, and the standard and quality of food is just unreal. Everything is so delicious and simple, and I get so excited for my food even when I’ve ordered the same thing ten times before.

The service is also brilliant, and it’s always busy, but you never have to wait long for a table, if at all.

I’d thoroughly, thoroughly recommend visiting; you won’t be disappointed, I promise! The food is also a really good price, around £6/£7 for a breakfast.

If you visit, let me know your thoughts!

All my love BGP xx