Things That Make Me Happy On Shitty Days

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Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

Today, I wanted to share a post on things you can do to cheer you up on shitty days, when everything is getting too much, and you just need an escape.

A Pamper Session is one of the first things I always do when I’m feeling crap; when you feel down, you can sometimes feel physically drained too, and so there’s nothing better than a bubble bath, face mask, and fake tanning/nail session to cheer you up, and make you feel fresh, clean and pampered.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do just want to crawl into my pit, greasy hair and chocolate stained pyjamas in tow, and not face the world, however it can be nice to feel good about yourself.

When I feel down, looking at my own grey, sallow face in the mirror can end up making me feel worse (usually because I realise I need to exfoliate all my old patchy tan off and re-tan and it’s going to take bloody ages).

Light some candles, dig a Lush bathbomb out, paint your nails, and I guarantee the world will feel way more put to rights.

Sticking Netflix On is one my ultimate cheer up activities. A marathon of Gilmore Girls can solve any woes in my opinion, and although there’s some questionable films on there, there’s a few classics too, that instantly clear your head and lift your mood.

Obviously no Netflix session is complete without snacks, so I’ll usually get a takeaway in (if it’s the weekend – I’m not a complete animal), but if it’s a weekday I’ll make do with a pack of Malteasers and a glass of prosecco, which is the ultimate combination.

I can really isolate myself when I feel shit, but Chatting to Family & Friends is something I know I need to do more of when I feel down, alongside spending time with them.

Sometimes you’ll feel terrible, and want to stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself, and then you end up dragging yourself out to a BBQ or a night out, or even to eat dinner with your mum and dad, and you feel a lot better once you have. Try not to isolate yourself when you feel like that – the people who love and care about you in life will want to cheer you up and rectify your mood.

On the subject of that, Drinks with Friends is something I never regret. I’m not saying get all out wasted (you’re more than welcome to), but either going for a few cocktails, or especially staying at home with a film and some drinks, whilst talking everything through, is one of the best things you can do.

PinotPinot cans, are the latest alcoholic novelty that’s entered my life, and I’m so glad they did. Sparkling pinot grigio in a can – a WINE tinnie would you believe – has launched, and it’s revolutionized my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bog standard wine and prosecco in a bottle, but there’s something about tinnies that excite the living daylights out of me (they bring me back to train journeys aged 18, where you’d start drinking at 10am on the way to some UK party town for the weekend).

As you all know, prosecco is the love of my life (what boyfriend?!), but I’m a huge white wine lover too (my taste buds unfortunately are not developed enough to enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir with my steak yet), so sparkling pinot grigio is getting ALL of my wine senses tingling.

These are the ultimate accessory to a girls night in I reckon, with more time getting cheered up, sitting on the sofa, talking about ex boyfriends and current boyfriends, and less time trying to get the cork out of a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

I know I said tinnies bring me back to aged 18 train journeys, but I do still love a train drink (there’s something very satisfying about it), and these are so handy to stick in your handbag and crack out just before Clapham Junction.

You can get PinotPinot Sparkling Cans in Tesco, Sainsburys, Nisa, and other high street stores, to complete your girls night in. Let me know what you think of them! It’s basically handbag prosecco.

One of my ultimate chill out/calm down activities is Reading, and I won’t lie, when I’m feeling down in the dumps, it usually is a fun, chick lit book. Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso is a brilliant motivational read to bring you out of a rut, and The Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella is one of my all time favourites, and always brings my mood up, and any anxiety down.

Amazon is a brilliant place to find cheap books, as you can browse through all the different genres, and they’re really great prices too, so I definitely recommend having a look. If you’ve never thought of reading as something to make you feel better, I really do think you should try it, because it’s a brilliant form of escapism.

Writing is of course something I’ve been turning to for nearly 4 years as my favourite form of escapism on a shitty day. Blogging is something that helps so many people every single day, as it’s your own little space on the internet where you can write all your thoughts and feelings, and a lot of the time you get people telling you they feel the exact same way, or have gone through the same thing, and it offers you a glimmer of hope.

Lastly, and of course not least, is a good old Sleep. It may sound overly simple, but I think we take for granted what 40 winks, or a full on 8 hours, can do for you. It recharges your batteries, clears your mind, and I don’t know about you, but after having some of the worst and most mentally draining evenings of my life, I’ve found things to look way better in the morning once I’ve slept and calmed down.

I’ve been trying to introduce a lot of lavender into my pre-bed routine recently as it honestly is your saving grace for a good nights sleep, and a lot of lavender based products are becoming my holy grail in terms of having a peaceful nights rest.

So; there we go, my recommendations on cheering yourself up when everything gets a bit too much.

As per usual, it’s a ramble, but it’s what you’re used to, and you don’t seem to mind!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll speak to you all soon.

All my love BGP xx