What’s In This Months GlossyBox? | October 2017

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

Today is my monthly GlossyBox unboxing, where I show you what’s in one of my favourite monthly beauty subscription boxes.

It contains spoilers, so if you wanna see what you can expect in this months box, keep reading. If you don’t, and you want a surprise, you can order your box here.

This month, the box theme is Unicorn V Mermaid, so you’ll either get a Unicorn or a Mermaid box; both contain the same items, it’s just a different box, and both are equally as pretty.

In this months box you’ll get…

Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette – This is a really bright, vibrant palette with a huge selection of colours, so I’m excited to try this!

Sleek Makeup Crème to Power Blush in ‘Gerbera’ – A bright, coral blush that I think will look lovely with a tanned face.

Kawaii Brush Cleaning Egg – I’ve seen these doing the rounds online so I’m looking forward to trying this out as my makeup brushes are due a clean!

Lord & Berry MAGIC BROW Perfect Eye Brown Pencil – It’s so funny this is in there, as I was saying to myself the other day that I wanted a brow pencil, as I’ve been using powders for ages. This is the perfect colour for my brows too, and I used it today for the first time and if I’m being 100% honest, it’s made my brows look the best they have in ages.

Bang Beauty Cream Colour in ‘Dolce Pink’ – This is such a lovely colour, and I think it’s multi purpose so can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. Excited to try this!

So that’s what this months GlossyBox includes; if you’d like one for yourself, click here.

Enjoy, and speak to you soon!

All my love BGP xx