Beauty Favourites | September 2017

Hello hello hello everyone, I hope you’re all well.

To start with, I’m so sorry this post is late; I normally get my monthly beauty favourites posts up right at the beginning of the month, but there’s been a build up to me getting ill and it finally peaked yesterday, so I’ve been sleeping a lot of today, and I also typed this up for you!

As per, you can click the name of the items and it’ll take you to the website I’ve found the item cheapest on.

S Factor by Tigi Serious Conditioner – My friend recommended this to me and I’m SO glad she did. First of all, it smells like strawberries and cream. Second of all, it sorts damaged hair right out.

To be fair to me, after years of bleaching, using heat, and generally fucking my hair up, it really isn’t in bad condition at all, and that’s purely because I use hair masks ALL the time, and they save my hair.

This is no exception; my hair feels so much softer and less brittle after using this, and my split ends look considerably better. I leave it on for about 20/25 minutes in the bath then wash it off and VOILA, hair looks a lot better than the dry, damaged, dreadlock scooped into a topknot that it was beforehand.

Also, the website I’ve linked it to has money off it at the moment.

Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment in ‘Touch of Berry’ – I saw seemingly every beauty blogger and YouTuber and their dog going on and on about this lip balm (that’s essentially what it is despite the fancy name), and because I have serious BPFOMO (beauty product fear of missing out, I coined that myself), I had to get it.

Yes, it’s not the cheapest lip balm you can get your mitts on, but I think it’s worth the money and I’ll tell you why.

It’s one of the only lip balms I’ve found that actually works, as in my lips stay non-dry for hours and hours. Also, they come in a range of ‘tints’; I chose touch of berry, and when I lightly apply it, my lips look hydrated, and a really lovely natural ‘your lips but better’ natural pink shade. Maybe I’m imaging it but I also thinks it makes them look a bit juicier too. Trust me, I also didn’t want to have to use the term ‘juicier’ but I had to.

Morphe Liquid Lipstick in ‘School Girl’ –  Just realised this looks a bit gloopy. Whoops. Anyway, when I had come out of hospital (soz I’m milking this) after having my operation, my lovely friends got me some flowers and also a couple of the new Morphe Liquid Lipsticks – they know me too well.

One of the shade was this one, School Girl, and it’s the most beautiful, light nude pink, and I love it. Okay, so this isn’t the most hydrating liquid lipstick I’ve ever used. However it’s definitely not the most dry, not even close. I’d say, 70% hydrating, 30% dry?

Anyway, it’s pretty long lasting, they’re really good prices, and you get a lot of product and there’s tonnes of colour. They’re really creamy and nice to apply too. LOVE.

Nip + Fab Foundation in ‘#20’  – Cheap foundation, really good coverage, easy to blend, great staying power. Yes, the bottles aren’t as big as most foundations, but you get a lot in those little squeezy bottles, they’re literally full to the top pretty much, and having a squeezy bottle makes it a lot less messy than pumps and, shock horror, the tippy bottles where you just have to pour the foundation out freefall onto the back of your hand. I’ve been using this quite a bit this month as I’ve not fake tanned as often, and this was the only foundation I owned that would match my un-fake-tanned body. To be fair, I’ve been fake tanning religiously for ten years, so I think my skin has a permanent tint anyway.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads – They do an extreme pads version (click here to read my review) which I absolutely LOVE, but I wanted to try just the daily ones too as they’re a lot less ‘potent’ shall we say, than the extreme ones, and I love these too.

They still contain glycolic acid (‘retextures and resurfaces’ so essentially gives you a light exfoliate, and gets rid of all the shit sitting on top of your skin), which is the main reason they’re so good. Whenever my skin feels a bit shit, which it does at the moment, I wipe a few of these over my face, especially over the spottier areas, before I go to sleep, and I always feel like my skin has improved in the morning, and also feels a lot more clean.

I’ve been getting spots and a lot of dry skin around my nose recently, so have been using these a lot there too. I really recommend them, and of course the extreme ones too, for really bad, congested skin days!

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow – I HATE tinted moisturiser. Like I literally detest it. It seems to make everyone else look like a supermodel, and me look like a big, patchy, round moon crossed with a feral child that lives in the wood and has scooped mud up from the round and rubbed it over her face as a survival tactic.

However, people have raved about this, so I thought why not, I’ll chuck money at anything that promises to make me look like Adriana Lima. And it’s bloody brilliant. Okay so it doesn’t make me look like Adriana Lima (I’d have to have good cheekbones and no muffin top for that) – but it puts me on the scale of bronzed goddess.

It comes out white, and as you rub it into your face, it turns into a lovely golden brown, and it doesn’t look fake; it makes you look like you just have a naturally bronzed face, and naturally wonderful skin, neither of which I’ve been naturally blessed with.

For the first time in my life, I’ve found I can actually go out with JUST this tinted moisturiser on, and no foundation. Woo-bloody-hoo, we have a winner.

THOROUGHLY recommend this.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette – I’ve featured this in a monthly favourites before, but I’ve used it so much recently I had to feature it as I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. Beautiful colours, so pigmented and buttery, creamy to apply, smells like peaches…everything about this is perfect, and it contains so many colours that are brilliant for this time of year. Caramalized is my favourite shade, with Cobbler and Luscious coming a close second and third.

I hope you enjoyed another monthly favourites, and I’ll speak to you all soon!

All my love BGP xx