Brunch At Baked, Hove | 2017

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

Today, I wanted to do a little review of a recent brunch I had at Baked in Hove, which is on Church Road, and is a cafe that does breakfast, brunch, coffee and cake etc.

This was the first time we had been, as me and my boyfriend had passed it before and said we needed to try it out, so we did.

Now, this review is a funny one, because it’s pretty 50/50. The service really wasn’t great, but the food was SO good, which is annoying.

We sat down, and a couple sat down at the table next to us about 5 minutes later. Our food and drinks order was taken, and so was theirs.

About 20 minutes later (a long time to wait for drinks), their drinks arrived, and ours didn’t, which was a bit confusing. We waited another 10 minutes or so because it was really busy and was difficult to get anyones attention, and we asked the waitress where our drinks were.

She disappeared off and came back a while later and said ‘The piece of paper your order was on got stuck on the side, so no one saw it, we’ll get your drinks now’. There was no apology or anything, and a bit of a crap excuse if you ask me. We’d waited literally half an hour for two orange juices and a coffee, whereas in most places when ordering brunch you’d probably have your food by now too.

It did annoy me that we got no apology, no good reason, and we weren’t even offered our drinks for free after the mess up and the fact we waited so long.

Our food arrived, and we’d both ordered the Chorizo Eggs, which costs £7.80 each, and is toasted sourdough with avocado, poached eggs and chorizo.

The portion is big, you get lots of chorizo and the poached eggs were big and ready to burst. Those eggs were some of the best I’ve had if I’m honest; they were SO well poached, I poked my knife in and mine literally splattered out because they were so ready to go – but I liked that, as I love a runny yolk and well poached eggs.

The chorizo was lovely, as was the toasted sourdough and avocado; the sourdough wasn’t too tough to cut into which it can be sometimes, and all in all, it was definitely worth every penny of £7.80 which I think is a good price for all that.

All that let Baked down was the service to be honest; I would want to go back because the food was brilliant, and I’d love to try more stuff on their menu, but I’ve been given a bad impression by how some of the staff acted on the day that we went. I know mistakes happen, and if someone had just apologised and acted like they cared I would’ve been fine, but it was the fact no one seemed to cared that much that disappointed me.

All in all, great food, but the service on that occasion left a lot to be desired. I’m sure it was just a one off, and I would recommend going there…hopefully you don’t have the same problem we did though!

All my love BGP xx