Fatto A Mano Hove Review

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all well.

Another little food blog post today, and it’s a review of Fatto A Mano on Church Road in Hove.

I went there on Tuesday night last week with my boyfriend, and it was actually the 3rd time I’d been, so it was definitely time to do a review.

It’s always really busy in there, even on a weeknight so I’d recommend booking a table for definite.

To start with, we had the Caprese (£7) which is buffalo mozarella, really nicely seasoned tomatoes and olive oil and it’s to die for. When you’re about to embark on a humongous carb fest, it’s nice to eat something that could potentially count towards half of 1 of your five a day to start with. It also comes with a piece of bread, which of course I immediately ate; I don’t share carbs, soz.

We also had the Affettato Misto (£7) which is basically a selection of Italian cold meats; prosciutto, capocollo and finocchiona. This goes perfectly with the Caprese to start with, and a glass of prosecco too – to be honest, I could just eat the starters for my main meal and be perfectly happy, but of course, it’s a pizzeria, and if there’s an opportunity for pizza, I’ll take it.

So, this is the Diavola (£8.50 – tomato, spianata which is spicy salami, chilli, basil, mozzarella and parmesan), and it was the first time I’d had it as normally I go for the Marinara (£5.50 – tomato, garlic oregano, and basil). It was definitely the best pizza I’d had there, pretty spicy so make sure you’re armed with water and like a bit of heat and spice. I couldn’t finish it all but luckily they have pizza boxes so you can take anything you don’t finish home.

In terms of their pizzas, they do Red and White; red is with a tomato base, white is without. Tomato is one of the pain things I love about pizza so I would definitely recommend going for the Red base.

Fatto A Mano do one of my favourite ever desserts, the Scugnizzielli Nutella (£6 – fried pizza doughnut strips with vanilla gelato).

These are basically huge churro/doughnut-type things, soft and doughy, covered in sugar and Nutella, and accompanied with vanilla ice cream.

They are UNREAL – and honestly, if there’s two of you, you only need one portion, as you get SO BLOODY MUCH. They are so delicious, served warm and drenched in the worlds best creation, Nutella. If you get one thing in Fatto A Mano, get these! For £6 you get such a huge amount too.

I absolutely love Fatto A Mano; if I’m honest, there’s not a huge amount of places I go to time and time again, but this is one of them. It’s really reasonably priced, has a good atmosphere, friendly staff and great food, and I recommend everyone giving it a go!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx