Gift Guide For Her | Christmas 2017

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Today is the second post in my Christmas Gift Guide 2017 blog series (you can read the first post, the Beauty Gift Guide, HERE), and it’s the Gift Guide For Her.

As always, you can click on the name of the product and it’ll take you to where you can buy it for the best price…I hope you enjoy this post and get some gift inspiration if you’re after it!

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau De Parfum – It’s placed right on top of the Xmas sign like King of the Castle, because it is my absolute favourite fragrance of all time!

I’ve been wearing this perfume for years, so I knew I had to include it. It’s my absolute go to, with notes of jasmine, white honey, and patchouli among others. The gorgeous, gold, diamond shaped bottle makes it a really beautiful and extravagant looking gift too, and for a high end perfume that looks so lovely, the price really isn’t too bad at all.

If you’re unsure what to get the lady in your life scent wise, I’d make a sure fire bet she will probably love this.

(Bottom right hand side, to bottom left hand side)

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum Gift Set For Her – This is the prettiest set ever – there’s just something about a perfume set that makes it that little bit better than a singular perfume on it’s own – it just feels so much more like a gift doesn’t it?! Visually this is beautiful, the name of the scent (meaning Life is Beautiful) is lovely, and the brand as a whole is one that I’ve loved for so many years and I feel makes a classic gift for any lady in your life!

This is a floral scent, with notes of jasmine, iris, vanilla, patchouli and many more, and the set contains a 50ml Eau de Parfum spray and a 10ml Minature Spray which I love as it means it’s perfect for travelling.

Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette For Her – The bottle of this is so pretty and delicate, shaped like a little red apple. It’s a fresh, fruity, floral scent and I love it. It has notes of lemon, vanilla and white cedar – it’s not too expensive either so would make a lovely gift for the scent lover in your life.

Next Faux Fur Slider Slippers – I love slippers, just like most of the women in my life do too – these are so soft and fluffy, and perfect for the colder months. Literally the ideal present to unwrap on Christmas day, and to make it even more special, add a pair of PJ’s too?!

Monsoon Grapefruit & Vetivert Difuser – Difusers are such a lovely thing to have around the house, and this is on sale at the mo too, so it’s a bargain! I think it’s a nice and thoughtful present, especially for someone that’s just moved out, or got a new house/flat?!

Missguided Babe Power Perfume & Key Ring Set – LOVE this. It’s cool and edgy, and a little bit different to your normal perfume gift set.

With notes of gratefruit zest, sour cherry, apple, orange blossom, and jasmine, it’s a sharp and succulent scent (oooh alliteration). The bottle is so cool, and I think it would make a brilliant gift for the lady in your life who isn’t necessarily into her classic perfumes.

Next Floral Pyjamas – Pyjamas are one of my favourite things to unwrap on Christmas Day – I don’t care how sad this makes me sound, but I spend a lot of time in my pyjamas, and so I’m always happy to get a pair, especially pretty, comfy ones like these next ones, with a plain pink top and floral bottoms.

They’ve got a cute little pocket detail, and they’re a really good price – if the woman in your life likes to be comfy, this is an ideal gift!

The Little Book of Hygge – I’ve heard so many people talking about how brilliant this book is! Denmark has often been called the happiest country in the world, and this book is all about their way of life and how to create happiness around you.

Whether you’re buying for a bookworm, or someone who loves interiors, this would make a lovely and thoughtful gift.

b.tempt’d Underwear Set – Who doesn’t want pretty underwear for Christmas? This set from b.tempt’d is absolutely gorgeous, and I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be happy unwrapping this on the 25th! This specific colour is currently sold out, so I’ve linked a lovely teal colour, and hopefully they will have this one back in soon!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Relax Lavender Bath & Body Duo – You really can’t go wrong with bath and body goodies, especially anything with lavender in (permitting the person you’re giving it too isn’t allergic…otherwise you definitely can go wrong with it haha), as it’s so relaxing, especially at Christmas when it’s freezing outside and you just want to have a bubble bath!

Bare Foot Bubbly Pinot Grigio – If you don’t know someone very well, you’re on a budget, or they just love wine like me, it really is an ideal gift. I know people think it’s a ‘thoughtless’ gift, but honestly, as someone who loves wine, it really isn’t; plus, December is a bloody expensive month, and sometimes you just want to spend less than a tenner.

This is a sparkling Pinot Grigio so if someone’s a wine/prosecco lover, it’s ideal.

Babe Perfume – There’s a lot of fragrances in this post, I’m aware, but I know that fragrances are something people LOVE to receive at Christmas, as they’re expensive and you don’t really wanna purchase them yourself a lot of the time. I wanted to feature some more budget scents as I’ve already featured high end ones.

Babe contains notes of lavender, rose, and warm sandalwood among others.

Tribe Perfume – Another gooden if you’re on a budget, and in a handy compact spray bottle which makes it a lot easier for travelling, this contains notes of rose, jasmine and creamy vanilla. You honestly don’t need to spend a fortune to treat someone to a nice fragrance sometimes.

Hoogly Tea – I wanted to cater to all budgets in this post, and all types of people, so if you’re wondering why I’ve included tea, that’s why! Not everyone can afford to buy people a coffee machine for Christmas, and to be honest, not everyone wants one! Hoogly offer an absolute tonne of different tea blends, from Chocolate Brownie, to Rhubarb & Vanilla Green Tea, to Raspberry, Liquorice and Lavender – and you’re normal Earl Gray, English Breakfast, etc.

I think these little boxes are so cute, and a couple of them with some ribbon tied round them would make a really cute and thoughtful gift for the tea lover in your life – if you wanted to make it look a little bit more, you could buy them a nice mug to go with it too – just an idea!

Posh Totty Designs Personalised Mini Message Necklace – Posh Totty Designs is a lovely shop in Brighton, that specialises in personalised gifts, predominantly jewellery. They offer so many different options for necklaces, bangles etc, however this is my personal favourite, especially as it’s such a bloody good price too!

It’s hand crafted from sterling silver, 9ct rose gold plating, and ‘BRIGHTONGIRL’ personalised onto it – I’m absolutely in love with it, and think it’s such a special gift.

My parents got me a gorgeous necklace from Posh Totty Designs for my last birthday, and I am really going to keep both of them forever – they’re such keepsakes and I think if you want to get jewellery for that special someone but you’re on a budget, this is the perfect place to go. You can order online or pop into their shop in Brighton.

Envy Professional Hair Kits – A lot of women love their hair and want to keep it in good shape and healthy condition, so a hair set that promises to tame it will make for a good present, just like these Envy Professional kits. They say they will give you the salon finish that we all strive for, but can never seem to get ourselves as soon as we are out of the hairdressers chair, so hopefully they do the job!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Festive Mandarin & Clove Hand Duo – Us women love taking care of our hands, and so hand products and moisturiser always go down at treat, especially when in pretty packaging and with the word ‘Festive’ embossed. This set contains a Hand Wash and a Hand Lotion, and would be a lovely set for anyone who likes hand treatments, or someone that’s moved out/got a new place, as everyone likes nice products in their bathroom!

Troffle Chocolates Signature Collection – I wanted to include chocolate in this post, but not your bog standard chocolate (which is perfectly fine and great). WOULD YOU LOOK AT THESE? How can chocolate look like that?! Well, apparently it can, because these do. They are literally the most beautiful chocolates I’ve ever seen, and I think any chocolate lover would be over the moon receiving these. They all contain different caramels, fondants and ganaches, so you’re in for a treat and a half.

Mum’s Back Hamper – Literally the best idea ever. If you’re buying a present this year, or anytime at all really, for someone who’s a new mum, then this is the sweetest, and best thing ever.

I’m not a mum myself, but we all know that being pregnant means that you’re cutting out alcohol, pate, certain cheeses, and all the good things in life, out of your diet.

Mum’s Back are basically hampers filled with all of the amazing things you miss out on being pregnant, to welcome you back into non-pregnant life, and give you a bit of a treat.

You can get all different boxes, a Boozy Mum’s Hamper (this one), a Teetotal one, a Classic, literally loads of different kinds to suit every type of mum. I seriously bloody love this idea, and if someone got this for me when I became a mum, I’d be really touched as it’s a thoughtful and lovely gift I think.

So, that is my Gift Guide For Her done with…I hope you enjoyed the post and got some good inspiration if you’re stuck!

Gift Guide For Him, and my Stocking Fillers Guides will be coming soon…watch this space.

As always, speak soon.

All my love BGP xx