7 Bone Burger Co Hove | Review

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today I am reviewing 7 Bone Burger Co, which has newly opened on Church Road in Hove.

I went there a few weeks ago, and I know a lot of you are dying to visit or know what it’s like after seeing some mouth watering pictures on my Instagram (I now post the vast majority of my food photos on my new food Instagram @Brighton_Eats).

Right, these are pretty much up there with some of the best chicken wings I’ve ever tasted. Ever. And I’ve eaten a lot of chicken wings.

At first I was a bit unsure because they’re such a dark colour, but honestly…they’re crispy, and flavoursome, and the chicken is tender, and dipped in mayo these are just SO FLIPPING GOOD. They are called the 7 BFC Wings, they’re £2.95 and you get 3 of them. Burger and sides wise, the portions are huge, so you could do with only 1 of these, but if you’re especially hungry, maybe get 2 portions.

We got the Truffled Mac’n’Cheese (£4.95), as one of our sides; I wasn’t overly keen on this, which saddened me because I LOVE Mac n Cheese. The crispy top was lovely, but I found the cheese a bit too sticky, almost toffee like and it felt like it was sticking to my teeth, it was just a little too thick, and could have been a bit warmer.

Chicken Fried Halloumi Fries were our next side (£4.50), which were lovely, crispy, with a creamy cheesy centre, and very filling. If I was going in there and just getting sides, I’d get these, but alongside a burger I just felt absolutely stuffed, as this is a very indulgent side…although I suppose, the whole place is indulgent, so go hard or go home to be honest.

The Chilli Cheese Fries (£4.75) were my favourite side I think (except the unreal chicken wings to start with, obvs) – the fries were really nicely seasoned, and I really liked the steak chilli.

I opted for the One Big Chicken Burger (£9.25), which contains buttermilk fried chicken, hash browns (big, chunky ones!), cheese, lettuce, chipotle ketchup HP sauce and mayo.

Honestly this burger…it made me realise every single burger I ever eat now needs to contain hash browns. It’s seriously delicious, although you definitely need to cut it in half because it’s so big. The hash browns are crispy, and full of onions and soft, salty potato and just AHHHH. UNREAL.

My friend went for the Prince Charles Is Overrated Burger (£8.95), which contains a beef burger, bacon, cheese, shredded iceberg, pickles and their Dirty Spread (not actually sure what it is). They said that it was a good burger, and the beef patty was lovely and of brilliant quality, but again, it’s massive and they couldn’t eat it all (you’ll be in a food coma by the end of it, promise).

I visited again the other night actually, and wanted to show you some slightly less professional photos, not taken with a good camera or anything, but I wanted to include them anyway!

We had the Dirty Fries (£4.45), which have smoked bacon, lettuce and Dirty Spread on them; I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really like the Dirty Spread, but from what I’ve heard these are really popular so it’s probably just my taste buds. I much preferred the Chilli Cheese Fries, but I did really like the actual chips themselves, just not the spread.

This is my One Big Chicken Burger, same as before, without the HP Sauce or ketchup this time, just with a bucketload of extra mayo, and of course, it was as amazing as ever. THOSE HASH BROWNS THOUGH.


Cocktail wise, I had what I’ve had before which is the French Bone Cocktail (the red one, and it’s got Gin, Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice, Strawberry and Prosecco) and it’s £6. At first I thought it was really small, but then I worked out that if you put it in a standard cocktail glass, you probably end up getting more in this small jar type glass, for less money too.

I absolutely love this cocktail, it’s so fresh and fruity and way too easy to drink – you have to watch yourself because you could easily get through a tonne of these.

We also had the #SorryNotSorry (£6 too), which has Gin, Aperol, Rosso and Sparkling Blood Orange. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this as I’m not too keen on blood orange, but I really loved it – again, fruity and almost doesn’t taste like alcohol, but most definitely is!

So, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I definitely recommend paying 7 Bone Burger Co a visit – they have quite a few different restaurants over the UK, so even if you’re not from Brighton/Hove, just have a look on their website here, and see if there’s somewhere closer to you.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx


*Our first meal at 7 Bone was kindly given to us on a complimentary basis for review purposes, however my second visit was paid for ourselves. As always this is 100% my honest opinion*