Gift Guide For Him | Christmas 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today is my Gift Guide For Him, where I’ve just put a few ideas together for you for the man in your life. Obviously, you could get any of these things for a woman too, but these are the things I’ve picked up that I thought would give people some inspiration if they’re a little bit stuck!

Lynx Set – I just wanna put this out there, that I know people are going to think ‘Unimaginative’ and what not, but Christmas is bloody expensive, and not everyone can afford to spend loads of money, especially when you’ve got a tonne of people to buy for. In all honesty, I see no problem with spending a couple of pounds on a deodorant and shower gel gift set, because they will always need and use the stuff that’s inside it! This is literally £2.49 in Superdrug, and perfect if your budget for someone is a couple of quid.

Mr Natty Bring Me Sunshine Beard Elixir – This is really highly rated, and pretty cheap, so if the man you’re buying for has a beard, I think this is a great little present. It’s meant to really soften and improve beard condition, and make it smell nice too, so that’s always a plus if you’re gonna be sniffing someones beard anytime soon.

Next Leather Zip Pocket Wallet – You can’t go wrong with a good quality, leather, brown wallet in my opinion. They’re a handy present, whether someone is desperately in need of a new one, or they are just going to put it away until their current one becomes  a little too worse for wear, I think it’s an ideal gift.

Next Moccasin Mens Slippers – These are the softest, comfiest looking things in the world, so if your dad/grandad/brother/boyfriend/friend/uncle/pet dog, whoever it is, loves a bit of comfort during these bloody freezing cold evenings, these are a good bet.

Next Brighton Print – This is currently sold out I’m afraid, but I think this is a really lovely gift (obviously if the man your buying for is from/lives in Brighton/likes Brighton in some way…if not, get a different city haha!), as it’s really simple and would look nice in a plain black or white frame. They have similar ones on websites like Etsy etc, and hopefully these will come back into stock before Christmas.

Paco Rabanne Pure Excess – (This is soon to be sold out via that link, so try here if it is). How gorgeous is this bottle?! Deep blue velvet?! I’m obsessed – I literally want it. I love Paco Rabanne aftershaves and perfumes, they’re my absolute favourite. This one has notes of ginger, cinnamon and sweet vanilla.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male –  This is the PERFECT male fragrance gift for Christmas. I mean, just look at it – I’ve never seen anything more festive looking in my life! Fragrances are a present most men love to receive, but the packaging is never normally particularly seasonal, so this really does take it up a notch. The notes in this fragrance contain a whole range of ingredients that any man would love; vanilla, mint, sandalwood and cedar to name but a few. There’s also a female version of this fragrance here.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million – It’s 25% off on that link too WOOOO. The womans version of this is my absolutely favourite perfume of all time (available here with 15% off), and this for men is no exception, with notes of peppermint, cinnamon and leather accord. The bottle is lovely too, and if you’re unsure of what fragrance whoever it is you’re buying for would like, I think this is always a safe bet.

Call of Duty – I’m just being realistic putting this one on there, alongside things like FIFA and what not. I literally have nothing to say about this except that men (and women of course) want it, so it’s in the gift guide.

M&S Socks – I always try and pick up a pack of good quality socks for my dads stocking each year, and this year in particular he needed trainer socks (cool story, do I have time to tell that again? Jesus) so I got him these from trusty M&S! For 5 pairs they’re a good price too for the quality.

The Rough Guide To Devon & Cornwall – Such a random thing to include, but it’s something else I bought for my dads stocking, because my parents want to go to Cornwall next year I think, and my dad likes reading up on stuff before they go, so I decided to get him a little travel guide.

This inclusion isn’t for this particular book, it’s just to inspire you to potentially include a travel book or guide as a present or a stocking filler, as they actually go down really well, and the result could be someone close to you having an amazing trip away.

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate – I’ve bought this chocolate santa for my dads stocking too, as I always include nice champagne truffles in my mums, and thought my dad could do with a treat this year too! They have loads of different chocolate treats you can get, literally everything under the sun for everyones different taste in chocolate, so I recommend having a look at what they’ve got to offer (have a look here).

SO, that’s the end of my Gift Guide For Him; I know it probably wasn’t the most exciting post ever, but I just wanted to give some realistic inspirations to anyone stuck for ideas for a man they’ve got to buy for!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx