Give The Gift Of New Lingerie This Year | Christmas 2017


Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well.

Today, I am bringing you a luxurious, festive, lingerie filled blog post, to either A) Give you some gift inspiration for someone else, or B) Give you some inspiration to treat yourself. Either is fine…although it’s Christmas; treat yourself.

I love new lingerie. I love buying it for myself, giving it for a present, and of course, receiving it. I think body confidence starts from the first thing you put on in the morning, and that’s your underwear. It’s like confidence from within; no one else can see you’ve got it, but you know it’s there, and it makes you carry yourself just ever so slightly differently.

Ultimo have got some lust worthy sets out just in time for the festive period, and I want to share some of them with you.

As usual, everything is a clickable link, so if anything tickles your fancy, click the name of the item and it’ll take you to the item on their website.

Winter Lace Balcony Bra And Thong Set in ‘Midnight’ – Coming in sizes A-D, it’s all in the name with this set, ‘Winter’, because for me, this is the Winter set of dreams. Deep navy blue and lighter blue delicate eyelash lace with gold detailing and a balcony style for the bra, this is a dreamy set for anyone who’s a lover of pretty, detailed lingerie in darker shades.

Darker shades have always been a favourite of mine when it comes to lingerie, as they really set off a tan (or lack of, in my case at the moment!). I love balcony bras at the moment too; after shying away from anything that didn’t have  a lot of padding for many years due to being self conscious about my lack of a rack, I now feel a magnetic pull towards them whenever I go underwear shopping!

The lace detailing on this emphasizes your bust, and really does make the most of what you’ve got. For a fuller bust, this will look gorgeous on you too, with the underwire and the two-tone lace element clinging to all the right areas.

I think this bra would also look lovely with a button down white shirt on a night out, with just the top of the bra being on show to add a little something something to a simple looking outfit.

Leonie Frontless Plunge And Mini Set – Also coming in sizes A-D, this set brings the element of sexiness with the plunge style, moulded cup and contrasting lace, and then adds some comfort whilst maintaining the prettiness of the set with the matching mini briefs.

Thongs are a necessary part of my underwear draw, don’t get me wrong. However, my own knicker drawer is seriously lacking briefs that still have an element of sexiness, and these do the job perfectly.

This is a bra that fits like a glove, whatever your size and shape, and like I’ve previously mentioned, as a girl who’s kinda lacking on top, it’s nice to have something that clings for once, and creates the illusion of a fuller and rounder bust.

If you want to have a look at what other options Ultimo, have got to offer at the moment, you can have a look here. The sets I’ve mentioned above are all on sale at the moment, as are many others, and they’re offering a free Gift Wrap service over £50, which is music to the ears of someone like me who cannot wrap presents well for love or money.

They also have a Fuller Bust range going from DD-G, so if you’ve been blessed in the boob department (share some around, please?), then have a look here. They’re full of really pretty options, as I know my bigger boobed friends always say to me a lot of brands larger sized bras aren’t as pretty as the smaller sizes, so you’re in luck here!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll speak to you all soon!

All my love BGP xx