The Perfect Game For Christmas Day


Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

Christmas Day is probably my favourite day of they year; food, loved ones, drinks, games and having fun with the people who matter.

I love when the day winds down, everyone gathers round in the lounge with the cheeseboard and snacks, drinking and playing games which, let’s be honest, get funnier as more bottles of wine get sunk!

Accentuate is a game which I am so excited to play with my family on Christmas Day; essentially, there’s two stacks of cards, one stack which contain accents from all over the world and country, and the other which contains movie quotes. There’s also a dice and a timer included.

Basically, what you have to do, is split into 2 teams, and choose a Speaker for your team for each round; they will roll the dice and see whether it comes up with Swap, Play, Pass or All. The Speaker then chooses an accent card, and a quote card, and flips the sand timer. They’ve got 30 seconds to read the quote in the accent, and for the team members to guess the accent you’re trying to do (me and my friend played this whilst drinking lots of wine the other night and it was the funniest thing ever).

As a team, you then decide what accent you think it is, and present your answer. If you’re right, you get a point. It then goes to the next team, and so on.

If the dice comes up with ‘Swap’ when you roll it, it means if you choose an accent card and you’re like ‘No way I absolutely have no clue how to do that one’, you’re allowed to change it once. If it’s ‘Pass’, that means you can choose another team mate to do the accent. If it’s Play, you have to do the accent. If it’s All, it means the other team can try and guess your accent for a point too.

I am working with Accentuate on this post, however even if I wasn’t, I’d want this game to play with my family on the 25th – after playing it a couple of times with friends, I can’t explain how funny it is with people’s attempts at doing accents. Me trying to say ‘houston we have a problem’ in a Scouse accent was just not okay.

If you wanna get it, it’s on sale on Amazon at the moment here, but you need to be quick to get it in time for Christmas day!

Let me know if you play it and what you think, and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas whatever you’re doing, and however you’re spending it.

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx