Brighton Cocktail Guide | 2018

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

A lovely girl messaged me on Twitter today asking if I could do a guide to where to get the best cocktails in Brighton and I thought ‘okay, that’s actually a really good idea’, because A) I love cocktails and B) I get asked for recommendations quite a lot, so it’ll be good to pop them all into one handy guide.

So, without further ado, here are my current favourite spots to grab an overpriced alcoholic beverage in Brighton…

Browns Brasserie & Bar, Duke Street

One of my old time favourites, Brown’s restaurant has a separate bar a couple of doors down, which I really love. I love the layout of it, first of all; in the Summer, the front is all open and there’s high stalls and arm chairs, and you can sit with your drink and just watch everyone walk by and people watch. There’s also a more private area that you can’t see in from the street.

My favourite cocktail is the Raspberry Collins, and always has been; the main ingredients being vodka and raspberries, it’s really light and refreshing and I could probably get through about 10 of them because they go down so easily!

It’s not the cheapest place, but to be honest with you, where in Brighton is for cocktails? It’s your standard £8.50/£9 for a cocktail from what I can remember, which is the average cost in the city.

Merkaba, Jubilee Street

Merkaba is part of Myhotel, and I really like the atmosphere in there! It’s very class and upmarket, but it’s got a fun vibe too because it’s usually really busy at the weekend and it has a photobooth too which I think is cool (it costs £2 a time to use just FYI).

Again, usual prices of about £9 upwards, and my personal favourite is the Red Carpet (vodka, a splash of champagne, and also comes with a toasted marshmallow!).

There’s lots of different seating, from high stools to large sofa areas, and it’s really spacious in there too. I think this is a really good spot for coming to after a date (not that I’ve ever done that HAHA…single life), because you can more than likely get a table/a private spot, but it’s quite busy and bustling in there so it’s an immediately a good icebreaker rather than being in a silent bar!

Las Iguanas, Jubilee Street

Okay, perhaps the less unique of the other cocktail places I’m mentioning in this post, but I love it all the same!

The cocktail bar in Las Iguanas is cheap, cheerful, and they have a permanent 2 For 1 offer on cocktails. I can’t remember how much they cost each, I think about £7 ish…my personal favourite is the Mango Collins, which contains mango vodka, and I love it; it’s very dangerous because it literally tastes like fruit juice so you can drink a hell of a lot of them before realising you’re pretty drunk, but with all that aside, if you want yummy cocktails on a budget, this is the place for you.

The offer also stands when you’re eating food, so you can go for a meal and take them up on their cocktail offer too.

Bohemia, Meeting House Lane

Probably the most pricey on the list (most cocktails are around £10.50 each), Bohemia does a range of cocktails that are a little bit different. My personal favourite is the Champagne Super Nova (coming in at £12.50), containing champagne, mineral metals, Belvedere, and ‘stardust’, to name but a few.

I love the layout of Bohemia, it’s got quite a gothic feel to me. The toilets are really cool too, with full length wide mirrors, THANK THE LORD! Outfit checks will never be the same again.

If you come in during the daytime, or early evening on a weekday, it can be pretty quiet and relaxed, but it turns into more of a club situation on a weekend night, and can be seriously packed. I’m a big fan though; they used to have a rule about over 25s only, but I think they’ve gotten rid of that now? I’m not sure, I think as long as you don’t look like you’re gonna start causing fights, they’re fine with you being in there!

Meatliquor, York Place

The mothership of burgers, chicken wings, chips and all things that are right with the world, Meatliquor also offers a tonne of UNREAL cocktails.

They’re priced between £8-9 generally, so your average Brighton costs.

Summer Of Love is my personal favourite, containing Grey Goose, lemon juice, and passionfruit among others. You definitely can just come in for cocktails and that’s it, or maybe get some smaller dishes if you don’t wanna eat a big meal, but I honestly love Meatliquor so I really recommend getting food too as well as cocktails!

Be At One, Castle Square

Excuse the soaked napkins haha – Be At One, although a chain, is one of my favourite cocktail spots in Brighton.

I cannot for the life of me remember how much their cocktails cost, I think they’re around £9.50/£10 each though. My favourite is the Pornstar Martini (anything that is accompanied with a shot of prosecco is right up my street).

It’s quite small in there, and gets packed on a weekend evening, and on a Thursday evening too, but they play good music so you can dance too. They also do deals on a phone app from what I can remember too!

SIX, Western Road

SIX is a really good spot for drinks and food, like some of the others on this list; I personally love their bellinis most of all, but I can’t find the cocktail/wine list online and I’m afraid I can’t remember how much they are! Around £8 I believe though.

It’s so spacious in there, and they do lovely food too; breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, so it’s a really lovely spot to get together with friends, family, or go for a date in my opinion! I usually go for their bellinis to be honest with you, so I can’t comment too much on other drinks, but if you love prosecco like me then they’re fab.

7Bone Burger Co, Church Road

Last but not least, and again I’m sorry but it’s more of a food spot that also does great cocktails, but 7Bone on Church Road is bloody brilliant.

UNREAL food, but that’s a different stories…the cocktails do come in pretty small jars, however I realised that actually, if they were poured into a prosecco glass/martini glass, it would be the same amount. They’re not too expensive, most of them are priced at £6.

My favourite is the French Bone, which contains gin, prosecco, lemon juice, honey and strawberry. Yet again, it does down way too easily, so you can get through quite a few of these!

So, I hope you liked this post and found it helpful; I do actually have another favourite, which is Twisted Lemon, however I don’t have any cocktail pictures and haven’t been there for yonks, so I’m going to pop back soon and update this post once I have!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx