Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront Review

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today I wanted to share a little hotel review with you all; I get asked a lot by people for hotel recommendations in Brighton, but obviously I don’t tend to stay in Brighton hotels because I live here, however I’m going to try my best this year to just live my best life and stay in local hotels for the night for the sheer hell of it (basically I’ll just have a 6 hour long bubble bath whilst sinking as many bottles of prosecco as I physically can, and have the time of my life) so that I have some posts for you all to read if you do need a recommendation!

I stayed at the Jury’s Inn Waterfront which is along the seafront and directly opposite the sea (why did I feel the need to say that somewhere along the seafront is opposite the sea? Shocker). You can’t really get a more central hotel if you tried, so if you’re going for nights out, meals out etc then this is a great one to pick.

The reception/lobby area is absolutely huge, with loads of seating areas, a bar and a restaurant.

The room was big, modern and spacious. I love the touch of the images of Brighton on the wall; Jury’s Inn is obviously a huge hotel group with hotels up and down the country, so something like that gives it a really nice personalised touch!

The same was in the bathroom, which I loved. The bright blue tiling alongside the sleek white just made me instantly feel relaxed and like I wanted to pour an entire miniature bubble bath in and just stay there for the foreseeable future.

A hotel bathroom is make or break for me, it has to be modern, clean and light because I am such a huge fan of a relaxing bath especially when in a hotel, so the bathroom has to do it for me!

We ordered some room service for a late lunch (when I say we, I mean me and my friend…this was not a romantic, passionate night away with my lover, because, as you all know, I do not have a lover, and am now reduced to completely platonic nights away with my friends, which actually end up being more enjoyable!), and the girl who brought it up to us was absolutely amazing. She was loving the fact we had Kisstory on, the wine cracked open, and were ready to stuff our faces with sandwiches and chips, because to be fair, that’s an ideal situation for anyone, surely?

I really, really enjoyed my stay at the Jury’s Inn Waterfront – it’s modern, it’s spacious, the staff areĀ so niceĀ and I don’t mean normal customer service nice, I mean they genuinely do seem to care and want you to have an amazing stay. Honestly, whether you’re coming to Brighton for a romantic trip, a girls weekend away, a family trip, whatever it is, I am thoroughly impressed with it. Location wise, you can’t get any better either! Plus, our room had a sea view and a balcony area which would be so lovely when it gets warmer to sit out on and have drinks.

Thank you so much to the Jury’s Inn for having us to stay, we had a fantastic girls night away, and it was much needed!

Speak to you all soon.

All my love BGP xx

*I got given a complimentary stay at the hotel in return for an honest review*