Lip Fillers Q&A | 2018

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

Today, I wanted to write a post about Lip Fillers, specifically a Q&A style post. I know that before I started getting them, I had loads of questions and didn’t really know who to ask as none of my friends have had lip fillers before, so I think it would be handy to read if you’re thinking of getting them.

I’ve complied a list of questions and my answers, but obviously if you have any questions that aren’t included, feel free to DM me on Twitter (@btongirlprobs) or Instagram (@thebrightongirl).

Where do you go to get your lip fillers done?

I go to Allison Jeffery Skin Health and Laser Clinic – her website is here if you want to have a look. She’s based in Westdene in Brighton, and has the most spotless, amazing clinic. You can read here about my experience there. I started getting them done with her probably 2 years ago now, and I’ve not gone anywhere else. She’s absolutely incredible, she is literally the Queen of Lips. If you’re from Sussex, or even further afield and willing to travel, I’d thoroughly recommend her.

What filler do you get?

Allison only uses Juvaderm, which is  ”family of inject-able hyaluronic acid dermal fillers”. It’s the best filler to use for lips, and makes them look UNREAL.

How much filler do you get?

I used to get 0.5ml Juvaderm, but now I get 1ml. You should generally start off with 0.5ml, because you want to ease yourself in, and not be too shocked by the result, and also make sure that you like it. Allison always says to me, if you like how they look when they’re swollen, get 1ml, because when they’re swollen at first with 0.5ml, that’s generally what they’ll look like size-wise with 1ml.

Because I am now used to them being bigger, I always get 1ml as I’m used to the filler and look of them being bigger now.

Does it hurt?

My eyes stream when I get them done, but that’s about it. It’s not actually painful, it’s just uncomfortable because it’s a needle going into a delicate part of your face. It’s not painful or uncomfortable enough to stop me getting them, and I never get scared or nervous before getting them done. This might be because I’m not scared of needles, but Allison puts a load of numbing cream on my mouth and the surrounding area for about 45 minutes before I get them done so I can’t feel much anyway.

How often do you need to get them topped up?

Hmmm…I last got mine done in June, and I think I’m going to get them done again soon – it’s up to you really, and when you think that they could do with a top up. I think that some people go as often as every 8 weeks, but some people go 4-6 months or even more. I waited about a year between my first and second fillers, then went more regularly after that. I’ve had fillers about 4 times now I think.

How much does it cost?

Anywhere that’s cheap, won’t be good as far as I’m concerned from people I’ve spoken to who have had cheap fillers. You might have to pay a bit more, but the end result will be worth it. When it comes to your face, go for quality – Allison is £225 for 0.5ml Juvaderm and £430 for 1ml Juvaderm, although there is offers on sometimes. In all honesty, I know it may seem expensive, but if you want something like lip fillers, it’s best to save up, and spend a little more, than go somewhere really cheap with someone who’s unqualified and uses cheap filler. Cheap filler can go like cement in your lips basically and make them rock solid and bumpy. From someone who’s been devastated after a bad haircut before, I can’t imagine how you’d feel to get bad lip fillers done, so I really would recommend doing your research, and going for Juvaderm – it may be the most expensive filler but the result is amazing and so worth it.

Do they look fake?

Like I’ve said above, it depends where you go – if I met someone for the first time, they’d never think I’d had lip fillers, they just look natural. Obviously, when you first get them done you might be able to tell because of the swelling, but other than that I think mine look really natural, and everyone I’ve seen who’s gone to Allison or other good quality clinics look natural too!

Do they bruise and swell when you first have them done?

You need to take arnica tablets the week before you get them done, and use arnica cream regularly after to stop the bruising. The first time I got them done, I had one single tiny bruise that went away within a few days, and a bit of swelling. The second or third time, I hadn’t taken my arnica and the weather was boiling and I was going on holiday straight after, and the heat doesn’t help the swelling, so the bruising and swelling was worse, and last time I just had a slight bit of swelling and a small bruise and that’s it. If you take the necessary precautions, you’ll be fine.

I hope I’ve answered any questions you might have, and like I said, if not feel free to message me!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx