Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her | 2018

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

Today, I’ve put together a little Valentines Day Gift Guide for you all, whether you’re a man wanting to treat the woman in your life, someone wanting to treat their friend (GALentines is alive and well my friends), or just someone wanting to spend some £££ on themselves, then I’ve got some bits I reckon you’ll like.

Perfume – Is there anyone who doesn’t like receiving perfume? Surely not, is the answer to that.

Ever since I got my hands on Lacoste Pink and Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy all those years ago, I have been a massive perfume lover.

A couple that I’d recommend treating the love of your life to (even if that happens to be yourself) is Good Girl by Caroline Herrera (available here) and Olympea Aqua by Paco Rabanne (available here).

Good Girl comes in the most amazing bottle which is shaped like a stiletto heel, and is a sweet floral fragrance, with notes of orange blossom, cinnamon, lemon, patchouli and cedarwood amongst others. It’s quite a subtle scent, not too overpowering, and I really love it. The bottle just makes it in my opinion, it’s incredible! Also the packaging is a deep black velvet, which is amazing.

Paco Rabanne is probably my go-to brand when it comes to scents, and the Olympea fragrances are amongst my favourites. This is a perfect Valentines gift, with the pink bottle immediately giving it a nice romantic feel. It’s a really fresh scent, with notes of salted vanilla, aquatic accords, ginger flower and ambergris.

Candles – Some people may think that candles are a boring gift, but honestly, I bloody love them. Give me ALL of the candles. When you’re a complete stresshead like me, there’s nothing better than lighting a nice candle and pretending everything’s not going to shit.

This one from Urban Apothecary in the scent Cherry Blossom (available here) is perfect. It’s simple and elegant looking, smells AMAZING (I can literally not describe it in any other way except pure cherry blossom), plus it’s really big so it’ll last ages. It has notes of melon, pink grapefruit, apple and white musk too, and it’s such a fresh, zesty fragrance. It screams luxury, and I basically want one burning in every single corner of my house.

Let’s Get It On – Well, I didn’t know what to call this section, so I thought if I brought a bit of Marvin Gaye and gest into it, we’d all feel a bit less awkward.

It is Valentines Day to be fair, so if you wanna spice things up a bit, then what better way to do it then to buy someone a vibrator?

This one is the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet (available here), and it’s in a pretty pink colour so it’s very Valentines-esque. If a sex toy can be romantic, then I’d say this is probably as romantic as they’ll get.

Obviously, you don’t need a man to buy this for you. Just get one yourself, along with a bottle of wine and a big pack of Malteasers and a Cameron Diaz movie.

Luxury Beauty – When’s a better time to get treated, or treat yourself, to something you normally wouldn’t? Of course, it’s the day of the year where you if you’re with someone then it’s stressful because you want to make sure your bikini line is flawless, and if you’re not, it’s equally stressful because you’re single and alone and constantly reminded of it, with ‘Boy did good’ Facebook statuses.

Ignore it all and treat yourself to something incredibly indulgent like the Goosedown Feather Powder Puff by Caron, which is available at Fortnum & Mason. It’s pretty much what I fantasise about daily, imagining myself in a glass paneled luxurious dressing room, dabbing my equally luxurious face powder onto my amazingly chiseled face (my face is not amazingly chiseled so I’m assuming in this fantasy I’ve had some sort of surgery, or was just born with a different face), wearing a silk gown. Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

It’s the softest thing I’ve ever felt in my life, and one of the prettiest too.

Underwear – One of the most cliche Valentines gifts, but a perfect option all the same. Red and black and pink is all well and good, but there’s nothing like a white set to really set your fake tan off, like this set from Freya Lingerie, available here.

Pamper Treats – To be honest, there’s nothing I love more than laying in the bath, pretending to get stuck into a good book when actually I’m scrolling through Facebook, somehow ending up on my ex boyfriends sisters husbands mums cousins brothers Lanzarote 2007 holiday album. I love Sanctuary bath bombs (available here), and if you’re on a Valentines budget, I think little treats like this are a brilliant option.

I hope you all enjoyed this Gift Guide, and got some inspiration. I bought a 12 pack of love heart candles for this post that I now have absolutely no use for, due to the fact I’ll definitely not be having a romantic Valentines day this year…maybe I’ll put them away and cross my fingers they will get some use next year.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx