Designer Lips™ Offer At Allison Jeffery | 2018

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

Just checking in with you all quickly as wanted to tell you all about an offer at Allison Jeffery Skin Health Clinic which is where I get my lips done; I get a lot of questions about where is best to get lip fillers done in Brighton, and Allison is definitely the Queen of Lips. She’s got an offer on at the moment of her Designer Lips™ and so I thought I’d write a little something to tell you all about the offer, as there’s a limit to how much I can write on Twitter so it’s best to just put it all in a blog post to be honest.

I’m going in to get my top up this week (snow permitting DAMMIT), and obviously I’ll be filling you all in after (if you’ll pardon the pun), and whenever I go in and post about it on social media I usually get questions, mainly about the cost. The Designer Lips™ are currently on offer for £199 till Mid March which is a bargain; I know it may still seem expensive, but if you want your lips looking like they’re naturally Angelina Jolie-esque, then Allison is the lady to go to.

A lot of the work Allison does it corrections, so basically people going and getting cheap filler elsewhere which makes your lips rock solid, bumpy, and painful, and then they have to get them drained at a doctor and then go to Allison to get them sorted out. I can’t imagine how shit and stressful that must be, because I have a break down if my fake tan goes patchy, so your lip fillers going wrong is my worst nightmare. Honestly, anyone who’s been to the clinic before, had their lips done by Allison or even heard of her and her clinic will know that you have literally 0 to worry about when you go there…it’s spotless, professional, and Allison has years of experience under her belt of doing amazing fillers.

I want to do these posts more often because the beauty industry is rife with unqualified ‘practitioners’; there are great people, like Allison, who are qualified, trained, and talented at what they do and take pride in their work…however I’ve had friends completely ruining their lips by going to people who do really cheap filler and it ends up going rock hard and lumpy and just ruining their self confidence, rather than adding to it which is what fillers are meant to do!

I’d never, ever, want any of you to go through that, and I know that having actual filler in your face isn’t to be taken lightly…it’s not like getting highlights, it’s a lot more serious than that, so I wouldn’t just recommend anyone to you. I’ve been coming to Allison for probably about 2 years or more now, and she’s never left my lips looking anything less than 100% how I’d want them to.

I was so self conscious of having ‘thin’ lips when I was younger, and now you’d never even know they’d been done, you’d just think they naturally look like they do. Having fillers, or cosmetic surgery, or having something done to your face may not be for everyone, but it was the best decision I ever made for myself aesthetically. Obviously, I’m not trying to say that everyone needs them or should get them, but there’s a hell of a lot of people who are interested and want to know more about them, and I know a lot of you have been interested in getting them done with Allison before but the price was making you unsure, however now there’s an offer on, I think it’s the perfect time if you are considering them.

If you want more information on the fillers themselves, there’s a link to my recent Q&A here.

Allison’s website is here so you can have a look at before and after images, call/text to book in, and get more information.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx