The Best Books I’ve Read Recently & How They Help Mental Health

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

Today I wanted to talk a bit about books, because I haven’t done a book post/what I’ve been reading update in ages (although I do always post on my Instagram @thebrightongirl about what I’m currently reading), so I wanted to update you all on what ones I’ve loved recently, and also talk a bit about what I think books can do for you if you’re struggling with anxiety, or other mental health issues.

Now, I’m not saying that cracking open a Jackie Collins novel is going to solve all your life woes, but I can honestly say hand on heart that as someone who suffers with anxiety, like many of you reading this do, books have been such a massive help to my life.

They’ve been a form of escapism for me ever since childhood, worth more than any therapy, medication or expensive session of hypnotherapy; you can get so immersed in a book, they can make you laugh, cry and just transport you to an entirely different world, and I thoroughly recommend trying reading as a way to help you through, if you haven’t tried already.

Right, enough of my rambling, I’m going to talk you through the books pictured above now; if any take your fancy, you can click on the name of them to buy for yourself. Enjoy!

The Party by Robyn Harding – This is about a well off, middle class family from America, who have a seemingly perfect life. For their daughters 16th birthday, they let her have a few friends round to celebrate, which goes horribly wrong and something extremely traumatic happens. The book is about the aftermath of what happens, and the domino effect of that nights events. It’s a really good read, with lots of twists and turns, and essentially sends out a message of ‘Be kind, always’.

Obsession by Amanda Robson – SO gripping. This is about a couple, Carly and Rob. Carly asks Rob the question of ‘If you could go with anyone else, who would it be?’, and the answer he gives basically turns their entire lives upside down. This is a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, not knowing who you can trust, who is out to get who, and who’s telling the truth. That one little question ends up having devastating consequences throughout the entire book.

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella – Sophie Kinsella is one of my all time favourite authors, and I’m yet to read something by her that I don’t love. This is about two sisters, and one of them reunites with their first love about 15 years later, and runs off to marry him, whilst the other sister desperately tries to stop it, and stop her making the biggest mistake of her life. It’s funny, it’s lighthearted and it’s a really good book to cheer you up.

Confessions of a Tinderella by Rosy Edwards – The book I think every woman dating in the 21st century needs to read. Rosy basically talks about her love life, friendships and career, but most importantly, tells us the story of every single Tinder date she goes on, the lead up and what happens after. It is laugh out loud funny, and we can all relate to it in some ways. A must read; if you’re feeling down, this is the book you need in your life ASAP.

Hens Reunited by Lucy Diamond – I have linked you to the right one, it’s just that it’s got a new cover, as it was originally published in 2009. This is literally a chick flick in a book; about weddings, love, babies, divorce, friendship, breakups, making up and all that jazz. I love it. It follows 3 women who used to be best friends who all went to each others hen dos, but have drifted apart over the years. It follows what’s going on in their lives, the difficulties of relationships, whether that’s with a romantic partner, family or friends. I read this so quickly because it was such a page turner. I really recommend it.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and got some good book inspiration if you’re looking for it!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx