Disappointing Beauty Products | March 2018

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

This is literally the longest I’ve not posted a blog for in so long; I’m so sorry, everything has just been a bit manic and bleurgh. I thought it had been a while since I’d done a Disappointing Products post, so here I am in all my glory ready to slate some products again.

As always, a disclaimer…I don’t hate the brands, these particular products just haven’t worked for me, and I really don’t like singing the praises of products non stop, I like to actually tell you all when I think something isn’t all that great (for me anyway), and you all seem to like it too, so here we go…

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream – It’s not that this was bad, it just didn’t do anything different to my hair to what my normal conditioner does, and this is meant to be a hair mask that leaves your hair silky and and soft, and really reduce the look of split ends and any dryness you may have but it just didn’t do that for me.

I’ve seen amazing reviews of it so maybe it just is my hair it didn’t work with, but this made no difference to my hair regime, it had the same outcome as my normal conditioner, even when I left it on for an hour.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick – At £42 a pop, this foundation is not a cheap purchase.

Now, when I first started using it, I loved it. There were days where it made my skin look perfect, and other days where I found it oxidised a little more than normal, however it seemed to work really well the majority of the time.

All of a sudden, however, this foundation completely changed. I’d used it the day before just fine, but suddenly it just made my skin look absolutely horrendous. It was sitting on top of my skin and looking really thick and unnatural, it was melting off my face, oxidising, accentuating my pores and just genuinely looking dreadful.

I have absolutely no idea what happened and why it suddenly changed, when my skin and makeup routine was exactly the same, but after trying with it again and again and the same thing happening, I just gave up. I think there is way better, cheaper foundations personally.

Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Enhancer – This eyebrow product just did not work for me. The formula I found strange, as sometimes you would apply it and so much thick, dark product would apply, and other times nothing would come out at all. I shook it to try and evenly distribute it to now avail. The product just simply doesn’t leave any room for a natural brow look in my opinion. I like brow products to allow you to create a natural look, with room for thickening and darkening if you want, but this one just has a consistency that’s way too thick and dark for anything other than an overly dramatic brow, and my eyebrows also feel like they have a tonne of product on them when I wear this.

I hope  you enjoyed this post and I’ll speak to you all soon.

All my love BGP xx