Bill’s Brighton Review | 2018

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

So, tonight I’ve got a restaurant post for you all…I get asked for Brighton food recommendations a lot and I know I need to start posting more about where I’m eating – it’s just I eat so much food ALL the time it’s hard to post about it all. I literally eat so often and so much it’s becoming an issue.

Anyway, I am a massive fan of Bill’s; their breakfasts have been a birthday staple in my family for yonks, and after recently going there for dinner, I thought I’d pop a review up for your viewing pleasure. Don’t say I don’t treat you to the goods.

I love Bill’s on a Saturday night; it has a really good vibe and atmosphere, it’s not one of those silent restaurants where you’re worried that Table 4 can hear you having a domestic with your boyfriend; it’s loud, but not loud to the point it’s irritating, and the staff are always friendly and cheerful, which I love. Nothing makes me dislike a restaurant more than snappy staff!

For starter, I went for the Devilled Chicken Skewers, which have a spicy bbq glaze, with spring onion and lime, basically my ideal starter. It was a very big portion, which of course I loved because I’m an actual pig. They had the perfect level of spice, the chicken was tender, and I pretty much inhaled them in about 42 seconds flat.

For main course, I opted for the Macaroni Cheese, which comes with salad and toasted focaccia. I will order mac and cheese wherever possible; if it’s on the menu, it’s getting ordered and put in my mouth pretty much. This one was rich, creamy, and had the perfect crusted top which is a necessary component of a banging mac and cheese dish in my opinion. This will categorically be getting ordered again.

My friend ordered the Pan Fried Chicken with Truffle and Wild Mushrooms, which came with mashed potato and long stemmed broccoli, two of my favourite things on this planet aside from prosecco and my ex boyfriend immigrating (is there a country further away than Australia? There should be). Obviously I’m an absolute gannet so I also tried my friends dinner, which I think I’ll order next time…herby mash is the one.

Shocker, I ordered Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert, which came with vanilla ice cream. Possibly my favourite dessert so I order it basically everytime I leave the house.

First of all why is a pudding more attractive than me? Second of all, it was so nice that I couldn’t stop eating and nearly bust the zip on my dress because I’d snorted a 3 course meal very quickly and near-on licked the plates clean.

If you want to go somewhere for dinner that’s got a good atmosphere and lovely food but won’t break the bank, I think Bill’s is a really good option. They’ve got so much on the menu to choose from so no matter how picky you are there will be something for you…or if you’re a real life hog like me, you’ll love everything and want to consume it all IMMEDIATELY.

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx