Life Update | August 2018

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

I have been shocked at how many people have requested a general life/love life update post from me, as it baffles me that anyone even cares about my reasonably dull life, but here we go – it’s good for the ego, and to be fair, I haven’t done a catch up for months so here I am. It’s handy for me as well to be able to rant to a load of people, as I’m pretty sure all my family and friends are absolutely sick of my shit now after putting up with it for many long, draining years.

I went to Dubai at the end of May, then got back and immediately moved house, then was ill, so everything just happened all at once really. I am just about settled in my new house, but there’s still things that need to be done, and you don’t even realise till you’re moving how much actually needs to be done! Also, I’ve smashed about 85 wine glasses since moving in so have spent the majority of my time recently on my knees with a dustpan and brush.

Ok so now the boring shit is out the way, I suppose the update you’re here for is on my love life. Or lack of.

I was seeing someone for a couple of months and it was getting towards a relationship but I just don’t think I was his kind of person in the end. It ended amicably, and we did have a lot of fun together but I think he is probably better suited to someone who doesn’t start congas on the beach barefoot with stag do’s at 4am. There were things he didn’t particularly like about my personality, and vice versa me with his. I am the type of person who needs someone who is completely unfazed by my behaviour and personality, because I am that person who has 4 wines at a family party and then performs Alicia Keys Greatest Hits whilst rolling around on the kitchen floor.

I actually felt a bit shit at first about the kind of person I am, and then my friends reminded me I am who I am and I will find someone who wants me for those exact reasons.

Since then, I’ve chatted to and dated a few people but nothings really come to anything. I don’t really care to be honest, I think I’d just rather carry on how things are and see what happens. We all know what’s going to happen anyway, and that is that I will be the single, drunk Auntie at every Christmas for the rest of my life who ruins the day because she calls Uncle Derek a prick and gets pissed and is found passed out under the Christmas tree wearing nothing but tinsel and holding a bottle of Advocaat.

Essentially, the moral of the story and underlying deep meaningful message of this blog post (haha) is to just be yourself, even at the risk of losing people from your life. There’s no point living your life pretending to be someone you’re not just for the sake of keeping someone around who clearly isn’t right for you. As I always say, know your worth.

So yeah, I’m single, drowning my sorrows in purchasing unfathomable amounts of clothing online to fill the love life shaped void in my life. It’s working out quite well so far to be fair.

Anyway, that’s my update for today and I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories for you all soon; to be fair I do have loads to update you on dating wise but I don’t really know where to begin so I’ll get round to it in the next few weeks!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx