Getting Night Out Ready At Dukes Lane Brighton

*This post is a paid partnership in collaboration with Dukes Lane Brighton*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

I get asked so often for recommendations of things to do in Brighton, where to shop, where to get your makeup done, a good place to get a cocktail…so, with that in mind, today’s post is going to be all about where you can do all of that and more, and where you can get yourself night out ready should you fancy it. When I was 18, I’d go out with half an hours notice…nowadays I need 28 working days advance warning (and 28 working days to then recover) and a full day plan surrounding it to be honest, so everything being in one place is pretty ideal.

Dukes Lane is right in the centre of Brighton, but away from the ‘hustle and bustle’, and by that I mean you can actually walk at a reasonable pace without being run off the road by a language school of 280 students sprinting past.

They have rainbow flags paving the floor and splashes of colour on the buildings which I love, because it really adds to the whole Brightonian vibe (there’s my inner patriot coming out).

Dukes Lane has been one of my favourite shopping destinations for years because it contains some of the best names in beauty and fashion; Aveda, Kiehl’s, bareMinerals, Fred Perry, Oasis, Ted Baker and so many more.

I headed there on Saturday for a day of shopping and see how easy it would be to get ready for a night out without straying from Dukes Lane. Spoiler; it was very, very easy. Maybe too easy. Bank Account 0 – Dukes Lane 1, is all I have to say.

We all know that I can’t resist buying clothes every single day of my life, so Oasis was first on the agenda. I have so many memories of coming in here with my mum when I was younger, and I’d have been bored senseless trailing around town, but the second we’d get in there I’d perk up and suddenly become Poster Child because I wanted a new necklace or top.

(The three things I picked out, because, you know, I really need new clothes…not. However I cannot resist Oasis)

Next, I headed to Ted Baker. I absolutely love Ted Baker and always have, and completely fell in love with a pair of shoes I put on my Instagram stories…I’ve since been on their website and fallen in love with another 8 pairs so my bank account is once again loving me.

(I am inviting myself to someones wedding before Summer is up so I can wear this dress, mark my words)

(My Ted Baker picks from their New In…I’m thinking a Christmas Day outfit? Obsessed with the leather skirt)

I then headed to Kiehl’s for a skincare consultation. Now, I’ve had a fair few of these in my life, and even for someone who loves beauty, I can find them quite overwhelming when loads of information and complex skincare terminology is being thrown at me, however I absolutely loved this one and learnt so much about my skin.

I was given a skin test on the hydration and oil levels on my face, talked about any skin problems or complaints I have, and what I want from my skin, and then my own daytime and nighttime skincare routine was built from there, with 2 weeks worth of samples and a step by step guide written down for me. Every product was explained to me, from what ingredients they contain, to how they actually work on the skin.

The two ladies in there were so lovely, and the store is immaculate, smells amazing and is in such a good location. When you’re having an in depth skincare consultation you want it to be somewhere that’s a bit more tucked away so that you’re not getting constant interruptions and it’s a bit more peaceful. If all goes to plan with my new skincare routine, I will be returning in 2 weeks and dropping my life savings in there.

Then, I headed to bareMinerals – it’s funny because the store has been on Dukes Lane for as long as I can remember but I didn’t generally visit the store, or the brand itself. I am now so glad that I did.

Bianca, the manager of Brighton bareMinerals, was absolutely amazing. She removed all my makeup, something I was a bit concerned about due to my under eye bags that resemble that of a decaying corpse at the moment, and then reapplied a full face of skincare and makeup, talking me through each and every single product she used, including the brushes, how to best use them, and what each product was best for.

Bianca did my makeup amazingly; I get very nervous when I get my makeup done (I had a bit of an ordeal on my birthday last year, let’s just say that), but my experience at bareMinerals has made me literally not want to touch my own face again. My skin felt flawless, I loved my eye makeup, my lip colour was perfect…I was swanning round after thinking I was a Kardashian.

Last, but obviously not least, we went for a cocktail at Holly’s Kitchen. Now, I had no idea they did cocktails in there, as I thought they just did really nice looking sandwiches, salads etc…but oh no. They do cocktails. Probably one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had grace my mouth, I went for the strawberry, black pepper, gin and prosecco cocktail. As you can see, it’s huge, so you get a lot for your money. I didn’t think I’d like black pepper in a cocktail but it just gave it a really nice kick.

So, there we have it…you can get Saturday night ready (or Monday night, Wednesday night, whatever takes your fancy) on Dukes Lane, complete with pre drinks too.

Let me know if you head down there, and what you pick up! You can follow Dukes Lane on Instagram @dukes.lane.brighton or head to their website,

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx