#WhatItMeans With Posh Totty Designs This Christmas AD

*This blog is a paid partnership in collaboration with Posh Totty Designs*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

I’ve got a very special Christmas themed blog post today, in collaboration with my favourite jewellers, Posh Totty Designs. The brand means very much to me, as both myself and my mum have shopped with them for years.

For my 18th and my 21st birthday, my parents gave me a Posh Totty necklace that’s engraved; I only wear one at a time as they mean so much to me, so I keep the one I’m not wearing in a special jewellery box. Seeing as I tend to break bones and lose things everytime I leave the house (I’ve been issued a new bank card and got more keys cut in my time than most people have had hot dinners), I try and limit the amount of important things I take with me when I step out the front door!

One thing that I wear every single day without fail, and never take off, is my Posh Totty circle necklace that has ‘Brighton Girl’ engraved on it; it means so much to me as it reminds me every single day of my proudest achievement to date, which is this blog.

Posh Totty Designs are running their #WhatItMeans campaign over the Christmas period, which is showcasing their personalisation service, which is my favourite thing about the brand. They have so many different pieces that you can personalise and get engraved to give to someone special at Christmas; they honestly have something to suit everyones style, and something to suit all budgets. You can have a look at their full range here.

Personalised Diamond Beaded Ring – Available here

I’ve had this personalised with ‘Brighton Girl’ on the inside of the ring, just like my necklace I mentioned previously. My jewellery taste is quite simple, and I love gold, so this is perfect. My favourite part is the small and elegant diamond that’s set in the middle; it will go with any outfit, and alongside any other pieces I wear.

The reason I got Brighton Girl again, is because as I type a lot -whether it’s writing, my blog or WhatsApping (definitely a lot then), I wanted something I could see all the time to remind me of how far I’ve come with my blog over the last 5 years. It’s a subtle engraving, one that can’t be seen unless you actually held the ring, but I know it’s there, and that’s why I like it.

Personalised Pearl And Circle Necklace – Available here

Probably my favourite piece of them all, I feel the pearl really sets it off, and it’s got such a unique look. I love gold and pearls, so the combination of the two was a dream. As soon as I saw this I could just picture it looking so elegant with a plain black dress.

I got this personalised with ‘Mum & Dad’ – I’ve always wanted a tattoo with their initials but I’m really indecisive and change my mind all the time so I thought something a little less permanent, like a necklace, would be better.

My mum and dad are two of the most important people in my life and as I don’t get to see them everyday, I wanted something that would, in a way, make me feel like I have them there all the time. I want to get my mum a matching one for Christmas with both of our initials on, as we have a very similar taste in jewellery.

Personalised Tie The Knot Slim Bangle – Available here

My final pick, is this gorgeous and elegant bangle, that I’ve had personalised with ‘08.12.13’, which is the date I started Brighton Girl.

It’s a really important date for me, as it marks the day I decided to do something I’d been putting off for ages and finally took the plunge.

As I previously mentioned, I love simple jewellery, so the slim fitting gold bangle with the knot detailing is perfect for me. It gives it a little something extra than it being plain all round, but isn’t ‘in your face’.

I feel all my pieces fit in well together as a set; I’ve never been one for statement pieces, but more simplistic pieces with unique touches, for example the pearl in the necklace, or the knot detail in the bangle.

I couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Posh Totty Designs on this post; although this is, as previously mentioned, a paid partnership to celebrate their #WhatItMeans campaign, myself and my family have been purchasing jewellery from them for years, and they have a place close to my heart due to what my collection of Posh Totty pieces means to me.

If you are stuck for what to buy that special someone in your life, I couldn’t recommend them more, for both service and quality of product. Make someones Christmas this year, let them know how much they mean to them, and have a look at https://www.poshtottydesigns.com/ for some inspiration. I would love to know what you’ve gifted your loved ones from Posh Totty, so please message me on Twitter @btongirlprobs or Instagram @thebrightongirl or comment on either of my platforms to let me know. I really hope that whoever in your life is lucky enough to receive a Posh Totty gift, loves it as much as I do.

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx