The Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide | Christmas 2018

*This post contains PR samples and affiliate links*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

IT’S CHRISTMAS. Well, it’s not yet, but in my opinion, the second Halloween is over it’s time to put fairy lights on everything, Mariah Carey becomes the National Anthem, and pigs in blankets are an acceptable breakfast, lunch and dinner option.

I’m kicking things off with my Christmas blog content with what other than a huge, mouth watering (for beauty lovers anyway) Beauty Gift Guide, filled with inspiration for what to buy the beauty lover in your life, or just treat yourself to.

I have tried to cover all budgets, whether you want change from a tenner or you wanna go full on luxury, this post should have you sorted. So, without further ado…bring on the products.

Too Faced ‘The Sweet Smell Of Christmas’ Christmas Treats Liquified Liquid Lipstick Set – Available to buy here

Too Faced liquid lipsticks are probably my favourite on the market; they’re long lasting, not overly drying, and the colour options are always unreal. I always have one in my handbag, and last years Gingerbread Man release was an all time favourite, so this set of 4 had to be included. At £22, I think this is a perfect gift for the lipstick lover in your life.

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette – Available to buy here

I mean, there’s not really much to say with this one is there? Just look at it. L O O K AT IT. Unbelievable work from Too Faced there.

Along with their liquid lipsticks, I wear Too Faced eyeshadow pretty much every single day of my life. They are my go to eyeshadow palettes as they’re so pigmented, long lasting, buttery, and also the most important thing in my opinion is that their palettes are really wearable. They may have one or two bright, popping shades, but predominantly they’re made up of everyday, buildable shades, so you don’t end up with half a palette of shades you won’t wear.

Sleek MakeUp Star Of The Show – Available to buy here

Sleek MakeUp is so affordable and they always do really good gift sets at Christmas time. If you’re on a bit more of a budget, or even if you’re not to be honest, definitely have a look at some of their sets! This is perfect for the party season as it’s got everything you need including an eyeshadow palette full of a huge range of shades.

Sleek MakeUp Lip Line Up – Available to buy here

A perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life if you need a smaller gift to accompany a larger one, or if you’ve set a lower budget, or need a stocking filler.

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Hollywood Liquid Lipstick Charms – Available here

These are some of my favourite liquid lipsticks on the market right now – amazing colour pay off, super matte and really creamy and non drying. Such a cute, well presented gift, that has good quality products from a brilliant brand. I couldn’t recommend more!

Vita Liberata Body Blur – Available to buy here

One of the best tanning products in the market. Will make your skin look fully airbrushed; essentially like foundation for your legs. The reason I’ve included this is because tis’ the season for wearing sequins and embellished dresses, and if you’re not wearing tights, you want your legs to look glowing and smooth, and this is the product for it, trust me. Not just your legs, but a bit across your decolletage and arms will really add a flawless finish to any outfit.


Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her – Available to buy here

Paco Rabanne is my favourite perfume brand; I find a lot of fragrance brands are hit and miss, but with Paco Rabanne it’s a hit every time. This is their latest release and contains notes of hot vanilla, salty and sweet popcorn (very different), sandal-wood and Ambrette seed.

It smells gorgeous and the bottle is beautiful too; I personally love receiving perfume as a gift and I don’t think I know any beauty lover who doesn’t, so I think perfume is a fool-proof gift idea always.

Missguided Babe Power Gift Set – Available here

Missguided do some great budget fragrances, and this gift set includes a necessary part of my life – a giant pom pom so that I can find my bloody keys at the bottom of my handbag. With notes that include sour cherry, orange blossom, peony and jasmine, it’s a sweet and feminine scent.

Caroline Herrera Good Girl Velvet Fatale – Available here

The original Good Girl is probably my all time favourite person – until this one came along. The bottle and packaging is a gorgeous red velvet, the nicest bottle I own, and the smell is incredible. With notes of almond, sandalwood, iris, jasmine, vanilla and Tonka bean to name but a few, the smell is deep, feminine and just all round amazing.

Emma Hardie Glow On The Go Kit – Available here

Emma Hardie is one of my favourite skincare brands and has been for quite a few years now, so I had to include one of their sets! I feel like there’s a good variety in this, the quality is unreal, and the box is gorgeous.

Emma Hardie Merrily Moringa – Available here

Probably my all time favourite cleanser that I’ve used for years, I had to include this again this year! I love the little Christmas offering of my favourite product, which is a mini cleansing balm and muslin cloth.You literally cannot go wrong with this gift.

Panasonic The Facial Steamer – Available to buy here

One of the most luxury items in this blog post, this is an ideal gift for the skincare lover in your life who you want to spend a bit more money on. It allows you to recreate a spa like facial at home, and essentially has a very advanced technology that allows steam particles to get deep down into your skin and remove all the dirt and grime or ‘impurities’ as is the proper term! It also says it hydrates and gets the collagen flowing in your skin to elasticity and get rid of lines and wrinkles.

You now won’t see me until April, as I will be spending every evening giving myself facials and becoming the perfect-skinned goddess I quite frankly deserve to be.

Panasonic The Enhancer Microcurrent 3-in-1 – Available here

Another luxury product, and again from Panasonic – The Enhancer uses a combination of sonic vibration and heat therapy to improve every aspect of your skin, from hydrating it, to firming it, and drawing all the dirt and grime out too, just like the facial steamer above.

It’s a big tool for anti-ageing, which is something I’m fully on board with as I’m currently dating a younger man and want to look as youthful as I possibly can. Panasonic say that this product is inspired by ‘holistic Japanese beauty secrets’, which immediately got me, as every Japanese person I’ve met in my life has incredible skin and amazing skincare routines. This product says it will reduce the look of pores too, which is always a priority for me.

Being by Sanctuary Spa Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Bon Bombs –  Available here

I love a bath bomb, and to be honest I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t, so this is a perfect gift for your bath-loving pal. It also looks a lot more substantial than a stand alone bath bomb.

Being by Sanctuary Spa Donut Disturb Gift Set – Available here

With an inflatable drinks holder (YES), face mask, body puff and bubble bath included, this is a perfect gift that is great value for money. I’ve never tried the Sanctuary face masks before, but I’m sure they’re as good as the rest of the products in the range.

Being by Sanctuary Spa 100% Unicorn Milk Gift Set – Available here

I love a gift set that comes in something I can actually use, and this is literally that. It includes a Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom body wash, body lotion, body mist and body puff. They smell unreal and a body puff always comes in handy for exfoliating off old patchy tan!

Sanctuary Spa Hands & Heels Pampering Duo – Available here

I have the driest skin known to man during the winter months, and I know a lot of people who have the same issue, so this would be an ideal gift for any fellow sufferers you know! It also comes in really cute packaging, as do all the gifts in the range.

Sanctuary Spa Must-Have Minis Gift Set – Available here

I get Sanctuary shower gels and bath soaks every year and I absolutely love them; I always look forward to the days after Christmas where I’m doing nothing but doss about in 3 day old pyjamas, having constant baths, where I literally pour an entire bottle of bath foam in and lay there for about 2 hours. This is a perfect gift for anyone in your life who’s like me, or if there’s someone you’re buying for who you don’t know very intimately, as I feel like anyone would be happy with this gift.

KORRES Little Stars Shower Gel Collection – Available here

These all smell incredible, and they’re 100% vegan friendly, so what’s not to like? Alongside that the packaging is so pretty, and I’d love to find these wrapped up under the tree!

Remington Keratin Protect Curling Wand – Available here

For anyone in your life who loves a bouncy curl, this is a great gift that also won’t break the bank. It’s a thick tong so gives you a nice glamorous curl, whilst nourishing your hair at the same time.

Tangle Angel Pro Rose Gold – Available here

I love Tangle Angel brushes, not only do they look amazing but they make my hair so soft, and they’re so good at de-tangling. The perfect gift for someone who’s very particular about what they use on their hair.

Tangle Angel Compact – Available here

The same sentiment as above applies, but this is an ideal one to keep in your handbag to use when you’re out and about, especially as it’s so bloody windy at the moment.

And that is my Beauty Gift Guide 2018! I hope you enjoyed this, and got lots of inspiration.

I’ll speak to you all soon!

All my love BGP xx