Last Minute Gift Guide For Her | Christmas 2018

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

It’s time for my Gift Guide For Her, where I’ve handpicked some things that I would personally love to receive for Christmas (which is handy as I’ve now gifted all these things to myself), and to give you a bit of inspiration if you’re stuck on what to buy the woman in your life.

Relationships Book by The School Of Life – Available here

I absolutely love a self help book as we all well know, and I like to gift my favourites to friends and family during the Festive season; whether this is offensive or not I don’t know, but people seem to like them so I shall continue.

As we also all well know, relationships (more specifically keeping a relationship) isn’t my strong point, nor does it seem to be a strong point for many people in my life, so I feel this is a good, non intrusive gift.

Not just romantic relationships, but friendships and family relationships are also important to maintain, and this book guides you on how to do just that.

Toolally Arrow Heads Drop Earrings in Nude & Gold Glitter – Available here

I love jewellery and am always happy to receive it as a gift, but I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking you can only gift sentimental pieces. I actually love receiving jewellery that is fun, unique and will make an outfit.

Toolally is a British brand that is designed and made in the UK, and they offer some absolutely unreal pieces. I am obsessed with these earrings and cannot wait to wear them during the Festive Period!

Corkcicle x Rifle Paper Co Tumbler – Available here

Drinking more water is one of my major New Years Resolutions, and I was searching long and hard for a water cooler that actually looked nice, but I’ve found it in this Corkcicle one, where they’re collaborated with Rifle Paper Co on some ridiculously pretty designs.

These keeps beverages cold for 9+ hours, and hot for 3, so you could actually use it to transport soup too if you wanted too, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, whatever floats your boat really!

You Ok Hun? Mug – Available here

My most used phrase of all time on a mug; what more could I want? The perfect stocking filler, or you could fill it with hot chocolate powder in a packet and mini marshmallows and make a hot chocolate little hamper up for someone!

Whitthard Chelsea Christmas Hot Chocolate – Available here

I notoriously despise all hot drinks, with the exception of a good old hot chocolate. If I’m going to have a hot chocolate, I want the full shabang – an intense hot chocolate in itself, whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate power – I go to town.

Whitthard are the absolute kings when it comes to tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc, and their Christmas Hot Chocolate is no exception, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and all the good stuff. A perfect gift for the fellow hot chocolate lover in your life.

Whitthard Chelsea Milk Chocolate Coated Honeycomb Bauble – Available here

Another chocolate based product obviously had to be included as it is me we’re talking about here.

Anything Christmas-themed chocolate is right by me, and a bauble is no exception. Milk chocolate and honeycomb is a combination sent from the God’s, so of course this had to be included. A great stocking filler or card accompaniment gift.

Accessorize Knitted Navy Striped Slipper Boots – Available here

Slippers are a necessary part of my life and if they’re not a necessary part of yours then please explain to me what you’re playing at?

I love Accessorize slippers; they always do such pretty designs. Slipper boots are my favourite as they’re easier to keep on and they’re warmer, and these are literally perfect – plus they’re currently on sale!

b.tempt’d Underwear Sets – Available here

Underwear is a gift I’m never disappointed with, as you can never have too much…well you could, but you’d get through it eventually. b.tempt’d is one of my favourite underwear brands; their sets are pretty, comfy and well fitting, and they do really lovely matching pieces.

Home County Candle Co Candle & Diffuser – Candle available here and Reed Diffuser available here

I love candles, diffusers, and all things scent related; I think they’re a gift you can’t really go wrong with, as who doesn’t love something that’s going to make their home smell and look unreal?

Home County Candle Co’s presentation is unbelievable, their scents are out of this world, and the little touches, for example their range of candles being named after counties, exhibit A being this unreal one called The Sussex, would make a perfect gift for when you really are driving home for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and have an amazing Christmas.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx