The Christmas Diaries | Day Seven

Dear Diary,

My Christmas Break is over, and I am home. Despite my family gripes, and the walks, and Megan…I was actually very sad to leave. I loved being away, waking up when I wanted, reading all day by a log fire, eating and drinking non stop, and spending time with my loved ones. Life gets to busy throughout the year, Christmas is really the only time we all wind down and get to spend time together. I really will miss it.

Our last day was rather quiet, spent indoors, playing games, and then an evening drink at the local pub, whereby I intently watched a group of people playing Cards Against Humanity in near on silence. I don’t want to play Cards Against Humanity with anyone who isn’t willing to piece together the most outrageous sentences they possibly can if I’m honest.

When we returned, I was in a self reflecting kind of mood about my time away with my family.

Growing up, and as a teenager, I dreamed longingly of the day I was independent, and could move out and do whatever the fuck I wanted when I wanted.

When I first moved out, I was horribly homesick and wondered how anyone ever did it. After those feelings petered out, I felt that refreshing feeling most people do when they first move out, go to uni or go travelling where they feel like their life is their own and they don’t have anyone to answer to.

I suppose the novelty of that wears off at some point, but you still remain in the mindset that you’re an adult, and a lot of the time, other commitments can become an afterthought when you’re so caught up in the day to day, sometimes mundane rigmarole of life.

This Christmas Break with my family was something different altogether for me; it was the longest I’ve spent with my parents, and my family, in a very long time. I thought I’d almost be relieved for the week to end, and to go back to my normal life, with all my things, and everything I know so well.

I was shocked, that on the drive home, I started crying. Not happy tears, not even tears of sadness, but tears at the fact the week was over, and I knew I would miss it. Life changes so quickly, everyone has their own commitments and you can’t expect people to fit their lives around you. It is rare to be able to spend a solid week with your family when everyone grows up and has careers, children, partners and the politics of Where To Spend Christmas This Year.

I knew that it was unlikely we’d be able to have those times again anytime soon, and I would genuinely miss it. I had almost forgotten, in the whirlwind of 2018, how precious time with your family really is. Whether your family is family, or friends you call family, or whoever it is, it’s important that we cherish those times whilst we have them.

And with that, my Christmas Diaries 2018 are over. I really hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

All my love BGP xx