Cheek Fillers At Allison Jeffery Skin Clinic

(I receive free treatments at Allison Jeffery in return for completely honest reviews)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

I wanted to write a post about the latest procedure I’ve had, just in case anyone was thinking about it, so that you can get a real life review/experience.

I’d wanted to get filler in my cheeks/cheek bones for a long time; I never had much structure to my face and I wanted more prominent cheekbones. I know I will get the usual backlash from a few people of, ‘You’re young, why are you messing with your face?!’, but it is my face, and I’ve never regretted anything I’ve got done. I’ve been having lip fillers for around 4 years with Allison and they were honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They gave me so much more confidence and I love how they look, so I thought I’d answer all of the questions I’ve received about them!

This is genuinely the last time I’m going to address this in any posts I write about fillers, cosmetic treatments or cosmetic surgery, but I am not promoting or advocating anyone getting aesthetic procedures done; I am advocating making mature and informed decisions about your own face and body, doing your research into what you’re getting done, going somewhere safe, well respected and award winning like Allison Jeffery, and most importantly, being your own person and doing what the hell you want to do…so on with the post!

Where did you get them done?

At Allison Jeffery Skin Clinic in Brighton where I get everything done – a lady called Jane did them, who is literally amazing and so good at what she does. She’s really precise and thorough, and has given me the exact results I was looking for.

How much cheek filler did you get?

I had 0.5ml in each cheek, and then went back 2 weeks later for a further 0.5ml in each cheek, so in total I’ve had 2ml; 1ml on each side. I want to return for a further 0.5ml in each, potentially another 1ml, and then I think I’ll have achieved the look I want. I can 100% notice a big difference with the amount I’ve had though.

Did it hurt?

In comparison to lip fillers, not at all. It hurts a little when the needle goes in, but the pain stops as soon as the needle is in. My eyes stream when I get my lips done as it’s such a sensitive area, but that doesn’t happen with my cheeks.

Is there bruising/swelling and discomfort afterwards?

I didn’t see any bruising or swelling; they were a little bit tender to touch, so I wouldn’t have done a harsh face scrub or had anyone pawing at my face for the week after (I wish), but then they were absolutely fine.

What filler is used?

I had Revolax – it’s a thicker and longer lasting filler. I get Juvaderm put in my lips, but Revolax is much better for an area like your cheeks where you want something more prominent, and as it’s going in deeper too.

Are they expensive?

Cheek shaping at Allison Jeffery is £299 – you can get 15% off treatments there, as long as they’re not done by one of the Harley Street doctors, if you quote Brighton Girl when booking. I’m not on commission, just FYI.

How long do they last?

Around a year to 18 months I believe, so they’re much longer lasting than filler in other areas of your face.

What do cheek fillers/shaping do?

They give more shape to the face, if that’s what you’re looking for. I’ve never had very prominent cheekbones, but they’re a lot more noticeable now (well, obviously they’re not actually my cheekbones), and my makeup looks so much better as I can contour something now rather than just hoping for the best haha!

Will you keep getting them done?

100% without a doubt – best decision ever. They’re brought my confidence up by about 1000%.

I hope you found this post informative, and feel free to send any other questions you’ve got to me on Instagram DM (@thebrightongirl) or Twitter DM (@btongirlprobs) – you’ve a better chance of Instagram DM as my Twitter DM seems to be men asking to buy my used socks.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx