How To Get Motivated Working From Home

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

I wanted to write a blog post and a few things I’ve found that work for me with working from home, as I know it can be a struggle to break out of home mode and get into work mode.

I hope you like it!

Get Dressed…Ish

My working from home uniform is pyjama bottoms or tracksuit bottoms and a vest top or t-shirt, so not exactly formal office attire, but I want to be comfortable. Get changed out of the pyjamas you woke up in, brush your hair and teeth, wash your face and put your hair in a topknot; whatever works for you, but this is what I find personally works for me. I wouldn’t ever put on makeup to work from home (sadly for the Amazon delivery drivers and UPS men who knock on the door and get greeted by Gollum in Next leopard print pyjama bottoms), unless I was going out for a meeting etc, but if you want to put makeup on then do it. The key is to feel like you’re ‘going to work’, and having the transition from ‘home to office’, even if you’re only walking from bedroom to living room. Changing clothes and slapping some moisturiser on can help aid this.

Work From a Desk/Table Space

It’s all about what works for you, but if I had my laptop in bed I’d get nothing done. I’d start having a nap, put on a Netflix documentary, and do anything but work. If you worked in an office or a shop or a restaurant, you presumably wouldn’t be laying down in bed to do your job! It’s really hard to get motivated whilst laying horizontal, so sitting up at a dining room table, desk or whatever you have available to you, really does help. Obviously if you’re unwell and fighting off the flu in bed whilst trying to do emails or whatever then needs must, but day to day, try and work from a flat space!

Don’t Stray From A Normal Office Routine

When you’re in the confides of your own home, it can be really easy to have an 11am bubble bath, start clearing out your shoe collection at 2pm or lay on the sofa for a marathon Instagam scrolling session for 2 hours, but in any job you had outside of your home you wouldn’t be able to do this. Try to stick to as normal a routine as you can; it differs for everyone but I have found starting at around 8.30am works for me, taking a lunch break at 1pm, and then finishing at around 5.30pm is best. I’m aware when you work for yourself it never really stops, but I mean actually at a desk, laptop out, working through – those are the timescales that I have found myself to be the most productive. Of course, things come up, and sometimes you may need to disrupt your routine to do things, but for the most part, try and stick to some kind of structure.

Listen to Music

I really struggle to work in silence, but of course it’s each to their own. I personally find having some background music on really helps. I usually find an hour and a half mix on YouTube, as if I put individual songs on then I just get distracted selecting the next one and fall into a YouTube pit where I’m watching old Britain’s Got Talent auditions and Catfish episodes. I try and keep it at a reasonably low volume and not have anything too rowdy on, as having Fetty Wap blare out on volume 82 isn’t going to help my concentration if I’m honest.

Have a Plan & Stick To It

Try and work out a general plan for the day; obviously things come up that can’t be helped but have some specific tasks you need to complete in mind and a brief outlay of the times you want to do them. For example, schedule to go through your emails from 9am-10am, etc. This means you’re not sitting around wasting time wondering what to begin with.

Get Organised

Stationary really helps me, so I’ve got a weekly planner pad and a few different notebooks for different things. Aside from my calendar on my phone, I don’t find using anything online very useful for planning personally and much prefer having it in written form. Obviously everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another, so it’s good to get an idea of what suits you best and what you find to be the most productive for your day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and picked up some useful tips if you’re just starting out in working from home, or if you have been doing so for a while and felt stuck in a rut!

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx