The Importance Of A Girls Night In With Old Curiosity Gin | AD

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Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

I was never a gin fan; a firm prosecco and wine lover, gin was something that was not at the forefront of my mind or my tastebuds. I think I only ever thought of gin as ‘gin and tonic’; no other flavours, no different elements, just the bitter taste of something that my uneducated tastebuds couldn’t handle.

Fast forward to 2018, when flavoured gins exploded in popularity, and I fell into a deeper love than I will my firstborn; gin suddenly overtook the deep love affair I’ve had with prosecco all the years, and became the centre and focus of any girls night in.

Old Curiosity Gin has become my latest fixation for a girls night in; the gins are 100% natural, colour changing, and they grow all of their own botanicals themselves. It’s a yes from me.

I was never particularly creative when it came to food or drinks, and would’ve much preferred having something readily prepared for me, that I could put in the microwave for 4 minutes, or pop open and pour in a glass.

In recent years, my domestic tendencies have surprisingly gone from strength to strength (not least surprisingly to myself), and I’ve found actual happiness in concocting things in the kitchen. Albeit, some may not have been entirely digestible over the years but…I’ve got there in the end.

Another thing I’ve learnt aside from how to make a lasagne or an Aperol Spritz as I’ve got older, I’ve realised the importance of friends more than ever; as friends get married, have careers and babies and houses, and people move in with their partners, it becomes more difficult to find a few hours in your busy schedules to get together; I mean, I don’t have this problem because I am rarely doing anything of an evening other than lay on the sofa in my pyjamas snorting Mini Eggs, but it’s hard to fit into peoples schedules too.

The value of good friends isn’t something to be underestimated; in life, we tend to think the person we’re romantically involved with is the one we can turn to no matter what. This is true in many peoples lives, but if anything is to go wrong, our friends are the people we can always rely on. A night in with food, drinks and laughter, is the cure for all manner of things. And gin…I mean, it was used as medicine years ago.

For our girls night in, we had Old Curiosity Apothecary & Rose (available here) and Lemon Verbena (available on the website soon!); I paired them with Grapefruit tonic water and frozen raspberries, which is my go-to gin staple currently, and the results were unreal. I think my heart lies with flavoured gins, and Old Curiosity come up trumps when it comes to a flavoured gin; Damask Rose, Chamomile & Cornflower, Geranium & Mallow; the list goes on.

I have a soft spot for an aesthetically pleasing bottle of alcohol, and the Old Curiosity bottles are no exception. They look elegant, vintage and simple. I love how unique the flavours are, and the wooden stoppers.

When I was younger (God I’ve noticed how old I sound saying that these days…someone intervene when I start sentences with ”back in my day”), I couldn’t think of anything worse than a night in; a night in?! What is this strange concept? Staying indoors? How could something that didn’t involve a packed, sweaty nightclub and a kebab at 5am bring me any joy? Alas, the years passed by and the sweep of pure exhaustion has began to hit me at 8pm every night, alongside the deep yearning inside me to stay in my pyjamas and not have to leave my house to socialise.

Thankfully, my friends feel the same, and we are of mutual agreement that why on earth would you put on shoes and a bra, when you could stay in the comfort of your own home and drink gin instead whilst blasting out the Female Power Vocals Spotify playlist?

Friendship is an important thing to maintain in our lives; we all know life gets hectic and busy, and communication can sometimes be limited to a WhatsApp chat more than we’d like; months can go by without seeing each other, sometimes even years…however there’s not much a girls night in with a gin can’t solve, trust me.

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx