Best In Sussex | Afternoon Tea Edition | Joanna’s Boutique Tearoom

*Not gifted, the Afternoon Tea and drinks were all paid for myself*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

Welcome back to my Best In Sussex blog series; if you haven’t caught up, you can read the first post here, which explains a bit more about what Best In Sussex is, and the second post here. This is my third post in the series, and now I’m going to stop waffling on about shit as I’m aware the first sentence in this post has been spectacularly boring.

So, I googled ‘Best Afternoon Teas in Sussex’ to get some inspiration on where to go for my next review, and Joanna’s Boutique Tearoom came up quite a few times; I had a look online and the Afternoon Tea menu and decor made me immediately book in, and then look at the menu online every single day until I went, and drool.

How pretty is it inside?! Going to need those pink and white striped teacups and saucers in my life.

Joanna’s Boutique Tearoom Afternoon Tea Menu

Savoury Options:

Selection of Freshly Prepared Dainty Sandwiches (Chicken & Pepper, Egg Mayonnaise, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Cheese & Pickle)

Homemade Sausage Rolls with Caramelised Onion Chutney

Cheese Straws

Welsh Rarebit Triangles

Sweet Options:

Traditional Homemade Warm Scones with Clotted Cream & Jam

A Selection of Homemade Seasonal Delights (Carrot Cake, Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Mousse, Hot Cross Buns, Raspberry Meringue)

I loved the alternative savoury options, like the Sausage Rolls; I’ve never had an Afternoon Tea with anything like that before so it made it a bit different and all the more enjoyable.

Drinks wise, they offered a range of things, both soft and alcoholic; I went for a prosecco and my friend went for a G&T. The prosecco they gave me was huge which I was very happy with, as the size of the glass was about 2 glasses worth – an absolute touch, by my standards. I was very hungover anyway (shock), so it was well needed, and an essential requirement in my recovery.

We’ll go downwards, Sweet to Savoury:

I’m a big fan of Carrot Cake and so this was a welcome addition; it was moist and the cream cheese topping was lovely. My two favourites in the Sweet section were a tie between the Hot Cross Buns which were lovely (I cut mine in half and put clotted cream in them because, why the hell not, and the combination was unreal) and the Chocolate Mousse which was in the little flowerpots. It was light and fluffy and not too rich, I loved it.

The choclate brownies were rich and had Mini Eggs on top which are basically the reason I live and breathe, so I was a fan. I’m not the bigget meringue fan in the world, so I was never going to love a meringue in any shape or form, but this wasn’t bad or anything like that; as far as meringues go, it was pretty nice with the raspberry element.

I loved that these were plain scones rather than fruit; as much as I’m partial to a fruit scone, plain are my absolute favourite, and these were warm, fluffy and crispy on the outside just as I like. Me and my friend were discussing how we loved the size of the pots they’d brought over; I hate getting a miniscule pot of clotted cream and having to ration it, but these were actually a generous size. The third pot was some kind of lemon preserve from what I could gather.

Sausage Rolls, Cheese Straws and Welsh Rarebit Triangles were all unbelievable; warm, flaky pastry, packed with flavour; I couldn’t fault a single element of them, except that I wish there had been more, but I know that defeats the entire object of Afternoon Tea being a light, dainty affair.

I loved the Chicken & Pepper sandwich and the Cheese & Pickle; I could’ve eaten about 10 of them. I am not a huge fan of Egg Mayonnaise or Smoked Salmon so I don’t feel I can fairly judge them, as it’s just due to my own weird tastebuds that I don’t like them; however, they are my friends 2 favourites, so we did a very mature sandwich swap, and they have informed me that both were great, especially the Smoked Salmon, so there you have it. I’m all about the honesty here, and to be honest I have childs taste buds.

All in all, the Afternoon Tea at Joanna’s Boutique Tearoom was lovely; the decor and surroundings were absolutely beautiful, the service was great, and the food was exceptional. I would 100% come back, and think it’s a lovely place to come for a treat or special occasion.

You can visit their website here;

Heart Rating Out Of 5: ♥♥♥♥♥

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