Best In Sussex | Afternoon Tea Edition | Badgers Tea House, Alfriston

*Afternoon Tea paid for myself, this was not a press visit*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

It’s the next post in my Best In Sussex series; for anyone new here I’ll offer a brief explanation. I’m reviewing every different type of cuisine/food experience there is, by going to 10 different places in Sussex, and then choosing a winner for each section. So, for example, I’ll go and try 10 different Chinese restaurants in Sussex, rate them all, and crown the best one; I’ve started with Afternoon Tea, as this was what I would get asked for all the time by people on Instagram and Twitter, so I thought it was a good place to kick it all off! The reason I decided to do this blog series is because A) I love food and B) I want to help people out. We’ve all been there when you’ve no clue where to eat, or what you fancy, so I thought this series could offer that. After I’m done with Afternoon Tea, we’ll be heading into Sunday Roasts, then Burgers, and so on and so fourth. Some restaurants have asked me to go in and review them, in which case they’re essentially giving me the meal/experience for free. Some places, I’m going in and paying myself. Whether I pay or not, it doesn’t effect the review; they’re all completely honest, as always. I really hope you’ll stick around for the whole thing, as I’m going to try and make it as enjoyable and entertaining as possible for you all. Right, on with the post!

Badgers Tea House in Alfriston is just the dream to look at; if you could wish to have a proper cute, classic, fairytale Afternoon Tea somewhere, it would be here.

It was Good Friday and absolutely sweltering so we sat in the garden to have our Afternoon Tea, the first outside one of the series!

Badgers Tea Room Afternoon Tea Menu

Savoury Options:

Finger Sandwiches

Sweet Options:

A Fresh Scone with Devon Clotted Cream & Strawberry Jam

A Slice of Homemade Cake

Drink Options:

A Pot of Tea

(Other drink options were available, even alcohol, but we went for the tea)

This is the most stripped back, simple Afternoon Tea of all the ones I’ve reviewed so far, but I actually kind of liked it; you obviously normally get a selection of sandwiches and cakes etc, but with this it was one scone, one type of sandwich, and one large slice of cake rather than lots of tiny ones. It made things a lot simpler, and a lot easier to review!

The scones were the top tier; a great amount of cream, and little pots of jam which was a nice touch. They weren’t the best scones I’ve ever had, but they were nice and clearly homemade which I love.

I love the fact you get to select your cake, and it’s a good chunk of it as well; you all know me and my sweet tooth.

My friend went for a Chocolate Caramel Flapjack Slice which was amazing, so rich and chocolately and the perfect consistency.

I went for the Victoria Sponge with Gooseberry & Elderflower and it was absolutely delicious…the sponge was so light, fluffy and moist and the filling was to die for. Seriously good.

The choices between the sandwiches were Smoked Salmon or Egg Mayonnaise; I saw on their standard lunch menu that Coronation Chicken was an option, so I asked if I would be able to have that instead and I could, as I wasn’t a fan of Smoked Salmon or Egg Mayonnaise. The chicken was good, although I do always crave a few different savoury options, but I understand that’s just their menu and how they do things, and it obviously works for them so why change?

All in all, I loved the setting of Badgers; Alfriston is beautiful, the tea room is gorgeous and the garden in the sunshine was absolutely lovely. I loved sitting out there, and the staff were great too. The Afternoon Tea itself wasn’t my favourite that I’ve had, but the cake I had was unbelievable, and I would love to go back and try their lunch menu and their other cakes.

You can visit their website here;

Heart Rating Out Of 5: ♥♥♥♥

I’ll be posting the next Afternoon Tea post in my Best In Sussex series soon, so keep an eye out! Also, if you’re a restaurant in Sussex wanting to get involved, please email me on – I look forward to hearing from you!

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx