Why I’ll Always Have A Girls Holiday

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

My mum goes on holiday with her best friend every year; she’s 50-something (no one is quite sure, she’s pretty flexible/vague with her age), married, and has kids (albeit, all grown up) yet makes time once a year, aside from her holiday with my dad, to get away with her friend, and always has done.

I got back from my latest girls holiday a few weeks ago, and it made me think about the prospect of ever giving them up, and the realisation I don’t think I ever could. I’m sure I’d have to take a brief hiatus if I had kids whilst they were young, but as soon as the fuckers were self sufficient, I’d be back to it.

I had my first girls holiday the second I turned 18, to the oh-so-classy destination of Kavos, and I still stand by the fact it was one of the best weeks of my entire life, even all these years later. I was a mess of course; I returned with an infected leg, fractured arm, a bump on my head the size of a Granny Smith, no voice, a broken phone and a month long hangover, but the actual holiday itself did me wonders.

Following on from that, over the years there has been a multitude of girls weekends away and trips abroad, with a few obligatory boyfriend trips thrown in here and there (one of my exes will read this and be like ‘You literally begged me to go to Bruges and Santorini with you but okay hun); but I honestly feel like the most soul-cleansing, replenishing, life affirming (not physically obvs because I literally snort cocktails/the Dessert section at the buffet on holiday), trips, have been the ones with friends.

There’s been the neon lit, 7am finishes and paint parties like my first trip to Kavos, and there’s been the classier, and way more painful on the old bank balance likes of Dubai, but they have all been exactly what I needed at that point in my life.

I am a stresshead by nature, and going on holiday with a man brings this out in me full force. I have a Special Level Of Stress reserved purely for boyfriends at airports and when abroad.

Seemingly small things, like them rolling their travel case over my foot, striding ahead at Security whilst I’m still trying to shovel my foundation and handcream into a miniscule transparent sandwich bag, or taking way too long to ponder whether they want Mini Cheddars or Pringles from the snack cart on the plane, incite an annoyance in me that bubbles up from deep within my soul. I’ll seldom bring it up, but instead sit and wonder why I’m not away with my friend, who would also be trying to squeeze 100ml concealers into a ridiculous sized bag, and would know that they want a gin and tonic and a Kitkat Chunky the second the cart was in sight.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to a romantic trip away as much as the next person, but I find that my absolute de-stress, purest state of joy comes from a good old fashioned girls trip.

Even going no further than 10 stops on a Thameslink can do me the world of good; some of my best memories come from venturing to London, Essex, Dublin or Manchester. Maybe it’s just because I am the type of person that ridiculous things always seem to happen to (let me know how long you’ve got, dear reader, and I will impart on you some stories that will probably scar you for a lifetime, but also bring a form of comfort to you about your own life), and therefore I could probably head to Butlins for the night and somehow end up hanging upside down from the ceiling like a bat after getting involved in some kind of Stag Do Initiation game.

As we get older, we have less time to spend with our friends; we have jobs, responsibilities, partners and relationships that require a lot of work, a household to run. There’s not time for constant nights out anymore, or daytime adventures. A girls holiday is a time when you can escape, even if only momentarily.

I find that getting away on a girls holiday involves a lot of nostalgia from the offset; sitting on the plane, laying by the pool, sitting in a bar in the evening or waiting for your coach to the airport, you end up just talking the entire time, and not just about your current lives. Old memories, stories from your own lives that you may or may not have told before, and recounting past relationships. It’s like one great big long therapy session, but it’s fucking warm and there’s cocktails. I love it.

I will do my upmost to always schedule in time for a girls holiday, because in all honesty, I don’t think I could live without them.

Speak soon.

All my love BGP xx