Staying In This Summer With Tiger Gin | AD

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Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

When I was a younger, Summer was all about being out and about; I remember the Summer I left school when I’d just turned 16, and I don’t think I spent a single day indoors except when I was working. I was on the beach, coercing strangers into going and buying us a 4 pack of cider from the shop, and sitting on the extremely uncomfortable pebbles until way after the sun went down. Why on Earth would I have wanted to stay at home?

Nowadays, my home is my sanctuary and in all honesty, I love nothing more than a weekend spent not venturing any further than the garden patio. You tend to feel like you’ve ‘wasted’ a weekend if you’re not out and about, but this Summer I want to change that, by utilising being at home, and not having that Sunday slump of emotions when you feel like you’ve not made the most of your precious days off.

My plan this Summer is to prioritise days and nights at home; whether it’s a daytime BBQ or evening dinner party (Christ I’ve aged – it’s not simply having some friends over for dinner now, it’s a ‘dinner party’), I want to make the most of my home and also…isn’t it so much easier after a few too many gins to just retreat to your bed rather than having to faff around with cabs from the arse end of nowhere?

Tiger Gin (available here) are one of my favourite gin brands; big, aesthetically pleasing bottles to start with (very important) and most importantly, their Ruby Gin (available here), which is made from British Rhubarb and botanicals from all over the world. I am a big fan of rhubarb gin, especially with lemonade which is what I paired the Ruby Gin with this weekend, alongside some garnished strawberries for aesthetic purposes, and also because a gin infused strawberry is the kind of fruit I’m looking for this Summer.

Tiger Gin have had 20 world awards since their launch in 2016, have three quarters of a million social media followers and their gin is available in thousands of outlets including online at Master of Malt and 31Dover. Very impressive stuff.

Me and my friends have become big on gin this year, and discovering new flavours and brands have become somewhat of a social thing of late; I mean, in an ideal world we’d bond over new yoga positions and green tea’s that we’ve discovered, but unfortunately life isn’t a fairytale, and carb filled foods and gin are what we are all about, so there we have it. Better off just accepting it.

So, here’s to my mission of staying in this Summer, with nothing more than a bout of good weather, a bottle of Tiger Gin, and friends that don’t mind a swift exit at 9pm to aid my early night that will reduce my risk of a gin-addled head the next day.

Speak soon!

All my love BGP xx